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Update - April 2002

It's certainly been a very intriguing month in the World Wrestling Federation as we are in the midst of the first full month of the new brand extension. TV ratings have remained relatively stagnant on both shows although creative has certainly been interesting and it's obvious that each show has it's own set of story lines and championships and the two brands do feel as though they are competing with each other. Raw's even upped the ante by introducing a brand new set as well as channeling its inner WCW as two belts from that company have made an appearance. Right now lets get get onto the four main bullet points for each show.


1. Greater star power at the top. Raw's main event for Backlash is Undertaker vs Steve Austin to crown a new World Heavyweight Champion, which while is a match we've seen before it's certainly has the biggest names involved.

2. Cutting the crap. The European title has finally been retired after three years of meaning nothing and with the Hardcore title rumoured to be going soon this can only be considered a good thing.

3. Chaotic atmosphere. The Dudleys and NWO feud has been my personal highlight of Raw for the past couple of weeks due to its wild nature and the whole fiasco has done something rarely done with an authority figure and that's drum up sympathy for Ric Flair as he looses control of his show,

4. Dream match potential. While not confirmed it's almost guaranteed that Angle and Perfect will square off at Backlash and it's dream matches like these that have invested me in the Raw product.


1. Elevating new stars. Lance Storm and Christian are in a feud with Hulk Hogan and the Intercontinental Title is being treated as important along with the rise of Brock Lesnar gives me great hope for SmackDown's future.

2. Fixing Y2J. Jericho was booked awfully as champion but on SmackDown in recent weeks he's actually looked better than Triple H and made the no holds barred match much more interesting,

3. Less is more. This refers to Vince McMahon who for the first time in about five years is not the star of the show every week and it feels much better that he's taking more of a back seat.

4. Cruiserweights. The best of five series between Kidman and Tajiri for the title is a good idea and puts over the division. Hopefully the finals make it onto the Judgement Day card.