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Originally Posted by Rainbow Yaz View Post
I thought I might draw you out of the woodwork if I made a HOF thread.

Alwasy appreciate the insight you provide. I wanna talk about next year's first time guys too.

So Chipper will get in. The argument can be made he is the best switch hitter of all time. Outside of Altanta's great pitching staffs, he was the leader of all those great Braves teams in the 90s and early 2000s. Never had the steroid issues hanging around him. My all time favorite player to boot. I'd say he gets in within three years, wouldn't be shocked to see him go in year one.
I'm confident Chipper is going in on the first ballot. I don't think you'll have to wait for your favorite.

Speaking of Braves players I liked, Andruw is up. Man that makes me feel old to see two guys I grew up watching getting ready to be on the ballot. Great defensive center fielder, maybe the best of his generation and through his years in Atlanta a great power hitter. Once he left the ATL for bigger paychecks, his production and defense dipped until he had a mini resugance as a DH for a couple years. I want to see Andruw make it, but like most Braves fans who settled for Dale Murphy getting the same treatment before, I'd settle for him going into the Braves Hall of Fame and getting the number 25 retired by the team.
Jones was great for Atlanta. Over 400 home runs with ten gold gloves sounds like HOF material but a .254 career average with less than 2000 hits doesn't look so good. I thought he might be someone that had a shot but when Jim Edmonds didn't even get 5% last year when he was on the ballot for the first time any thoughts I had for Jones went out the window.

Thome is an interesting case. 600+ home runs and had great patience at the plate. I don't recall him ever being linked to PEDs, but he was such a quiet player. I think he will get in, his numbers are too good to deny him, but he may have to wait due to more prolific players ahead of him.
Weird that someone that had over 600 home runs was a quiet player but you're right. When looking ahead I always forget about Thome. How can I forget about someone with over 600 homers? He'll get in but I'm thinking second year.

Damon and Vizquel are borderline. Both were very good, and both had surpising numbers. I believe each were only another solid two or three years from the 3000 hit club. Damon was the bigger personality, so I think that will help his cause, especially considering he was a driving force for that Red Sox team in '04, but Omar was a more complete player in my opinion. I wouldn't fuss if either guy snuck in.
Damon is interesting. His numbers are solid and he may be helped by his fame with that charismatic leadership on the Red Sox team that broke the curse. I don't think it will be enough to get him in, not only first ballot, but ever. Vizquel is really interesting. My instinct is to say this scrappy middle infielder is not HOF material. Then I look and see he has almost 2900 hits and over 400 stolen bases, not to mention 11 gold gloves. His problem, comparatively speaking he's not famous. He's going to be easy to overlook.

Rolen and Santana might have had a better chance if they didn't deal with the injury bug in their careers, but I agree they both go into the Hall of Very Good. Same with Lee.
I like Rolen and he was a great player. I wouldn't be surprised if he stuck around on the ballot but probably only around the 10% mark. His defense will get him some support but not much. Santana was dominate for a brief period and won two Cy Young Awards but like you said the injuries hurt him. He simply wasn't good enough long enough. Speaking of great pitchers hurt by injury, Chris Carpenter will be on the ballot next year too. No chance at getting in but if he was healthy his whole career we might be having a different conversation. Lee won't get 5% but I like him so just wanted to mention his name.

By the way, a little off topic but I haven't posted in months so I just had to mention

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