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Default 1998: How would the following hypothetical nWo Hollywood members fare booking wise?

Meng: The more noticeable half of him and Barbarian managed by Jimmy Hart. Likely a WCW Television Champion contender at best.

Barbarian: The lesser half of the Faces Of Fear stable. Same card placement potential as Meng.

Jimmy Hart: His ongoing managing of The Faces Of Fear duo may put him back in the same stable as Hogan and The Giant.

Chavo Guerrero: Feuding with his uncle Eddie Guerrero (pre-Latino World Order). It makes sense that Chavo is the designated Cruiserweight wrestler for nWo Hollywood, given that Sean Waltman had long left for the WWF in April 1998, and Jericho was supposed to fill the void left behind by Waltman but refused.

Disco Inferno & Alex Wright: Extra comedy jobber fodders next to Scott Norton, Brutus Beefcake, Brian Adams and Stevie Ray along with Mike Jones. For some reason, Disco, Wright and Tokyo Magnum all fit better as Hogan Followers than being desperate followers of The Outsiders.

British Bulldog: An unmentioned relationship with Hogan and the perfect Hogan Sympathizer. Unlike Bret who was never a fully-indoctrinated member of nWo Hollywood, Bulldog and Neidhart would've been fully indoctrinated followers of Hogan's nWo Hollywood camp.

Jim Neidhart: More of a wrestler's psuedo mouthpiece, and likely would've had no fantasy value regardless of whether he was all for WCW, nWo or even any wrestling federation by long ago.

Chris Jericho: A future upcoming prospect who is rejected by Team WCW for his heinous deeds to Rey Mysterio, Dean Malenko and Dave Penzer. Likely the original idea for Jerishow that happened 11 years too late. Curt Hennig and Stevie Ray were punching bags for Jericho to prove himself to The Giant.

Road Warrior Hawk: Even if he was just there like wallpaper fodder if he returned to WCW in 1998, Hawk at least wouldn't have to be made to play the 'drunk alcoholic' role that was filled by Scott Hall. But would he and Animal be allowed to remain a tag team or will they both be in the same stable but not fight alongside each other?

Road Warrior Animal: He was only a heel during his early days before teaming up with Hawk. His WCW run in 2001 and his short-lived feuds in the 2000s WWE (after Hawk's death in 2003) with Heidenreich and Matt Hardy proved that Animal (with or without Hawk) was at least capable of being an unloved heel and also working a heel psychology in matches, promos and segments across the board.

So I must be thinking that at least some (if not all) of these guys would've had a better chance to get better preferrential booking if they all were nWo Hollywood members, given that the fans who cared about Team WCW only care about Goldberg, DDP, Ric Flair, Roddy Piper, Rick Steiner and Ultimate Warrior, and nobody else, rightfully so.

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