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Exclamation Episode 4: Gold Standard

Show Opening - Press Conference
  • President Patron stood at a podium to take questions from reporters.
  • First Question: "Referee Zack Ryder attacked an AW employee, was he following orders and if not, what should we expect from that abuse of power?"
  • Answer: "Ryder was obviously tempted by the bounty I put on Austin's head. Nevertheless, he will be punished for his insubordination. He will have to deal with a monster....Bray Wyatt in his ring debut, tonight 1 on 1."
  • Second Question: "Megumi Kudo gave the audience probably the best match seen in The War Room yet. What should we expect from investors who were interested in her bout, and a follow up - Kudo seems to want to face Paige next. Any thoughts or rumors you would like to lay to bed?"
  • Answer: "My fiance, The Vice President, handles her own business. I can't give away what investors are planning, but I can assure you it will be big and will be great news for my benefactor and I. If you'd like to discuss Megumi Kudo, I would ask the VP."
  • Third Question: "Who IS this benefactor you keep talking about?"
  • Answer: "Wouldn't you like to know." (Gave the reporter a wink) "A final question?"
  • Fourth Question: "Do you or do you not wipe your ass with that scarf?"
  • Steve Austin looked straight at him with pencil and notepad in hand. He threw them to the ground and rushed the podium.
  • Security had to pull The Texan off of The Apex Champion.

La Resistance vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
  • Titus O'Neil believed Nakamura was thrown into a 2 on 1 as punishment for associating with Austin and Bautista. Dave Bautista had the night off.
  • Rob Conway and Sylvan Grenier represented La Resistance.
  • In spectacular fashion, The Rockstar stayed on the offense before hitting Conway with the Kinshasa.
  • He celebrated the Handicap Match win with the audience, who chanted "Bomaye".

Molly Holly vs. Paige VanZant
  • 12 Gauge Paige knocked Holly out in less than a minute.
  • Paige's music hit, and she came out to tell The War Room that she had found Megumi Kudo's next challenger. This was met with a chorus of boos directed at the VP.
  • VanZant wanted a contract with AW. The Anti-Diva told her she'll get it if she defeated Kudo.

Backstage - Drifter
  • Elias Samson walked down the hallway dressed in black.
  • He strummed "Don't Fear The Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult.
  • Samuel Shaw interrupted his singing and told him he wouldn't be a part of The Wyatt Kindred if he had anything to say about it.
  • Samson grinned at him and told him Bray was beaconing him to greater things, and Shaw would be left forgotten.

Intermission - The East Coast Pulpit vs. The Color Guard
  • Grado and Diamond Dallas Page set aside their differences to form The Color Guard. They have made it their life mission to find out what the coloration is of the Warfare skull logo.
  • The Pope and The Truth represented The Pulpit.
  • Reverend D-Von was at commentary and stated they weren't done with The Wyatt Kindred by a long shot, no matter how creepy they made things.
  • DDP left the ring for a moment to ask D-Von if he knew what color the skulls were. This costed the team as Pope nailed the DDE on Grado.

Bray Wyatt vs. Zack Ryder
  • Ryder was still in referee attire.
  • Wyatt came to the ring without Matanza or Samuel Shaw.
  • As the match ended, Bray grabbed a microphone and predicted "You will be with us soon, brother. We have many glories to share with you."
  • Lights went out, and as they came back on an unconscious Zack Ryder was tied up in the middle of the ring with chains. Security had to break them to get him out.

Main Event - Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Alberto El Patron - Apex Championship Match
  • The President walked down the ring with Mark Henry in tow. He told him to stay near the runway and act as Ring Enforcer.
  • Steve Austin drove down the ring in an ATV. He came inches in hitting The Silverback with it.
  • Before Referee Hall could hold the Apex Championship up, or even call for the bell, Alberto jumped Austin, kicking him repeatedly and keeping him down.
  • Patron went to work on his arm with a Double Knee Armbreaker followed by wringing his arm.
  • He attempted to keep him grounded by stomping on the arm. It worked.
  • Patron picked him up and threw him into a ring corner. He backed off, and struck him with a sick Step-up Enzuigiri. Austin fell to the mat.
  • Alberto El Patron slapped him across the back of the head several times, toying with him.
  • Austin dove for The President's leg, tackling him. He mounted him and threw punches until the Five Count.
  • Steve Austin carried Alberto to a far corner and proceeded to beat the shit out of him, stomping a mudhole and then a pointed Elbow Drop.
  • The Texas Rattlesnake pinned Patron, and got a 2.
  • Both men exchanged vicious right hands, going back and forth with the crowd voicing their approval/disapproval.
  • Patron reversed a strike into a Rolling Armbar. Rompe Destinos!
  • Austin reached for the ropes, taking the full blunt of the attack.
  • As the Texan grabbed hold of the bottom rope, Alberto rolled away, and met Austin with a Dropkick.
  • Stone Cold dodged the kick, causing Patron to lunge through the ropes and to the outside, crashing hard.
  • Mark Henry went to help the Apex Champion up. Uncharacteristically, Austin Suicide Dive'd between the ropes and dead into the men.
  • Referee Hall counted to 4 before Patron slid back in. Henry Irish Whipped Austin into the Steel Steps and resumed his post.
  • The count was at 8 before Austin made his way back in, where Patron went on the assault again.
  • Austin battled through and delivered a Spinebuster. Dave Bautista came sprinting down the ramp, and clubbed Henry in the back of the neck, paying him back for The World's Strongest Man's cheapshot two episodes ago.
  • Bautista and Stone Cold smiled at one another. Austin gestured at his waist to Alberto, signaling that this would be all over soon.
  • Patron struggled to get up, his forehead bleeding profusely.
  • He noticed Bautista and stared up at Austin with a horrified expression.
  • The Pride of Mexico low blow'd Stone Cold, disqualifying himself.
  • Since the title cannot change hands due to a DQ, Alberto retained.
  • Dave Bautista slid in and hit Patron with a Batista Bomb!
  • Austin gathered himself up, picked the Apex Champion up, and Stone Cold Stunned him.
  • Steve Austin demanded beer, "and not that piss The President would drink."
  • As Austin and The Animal toasted and chugged, Patron fell from the ring and to the commentary table.

Final Minutes - The President Declares War
  • Patron had had enough. He snatched the microphone from Eden's hand.
  • He was sick of seeing Bautista, Steve Austin, and even Nakamura causing him problems. Apex Warfare was his, not theirs.
  • For the next episode, AW will have its very first WarGames Match. The 3 will take on Alberto El Patron and Mark Henry.
  • This leaves a slot open for a third man to aid The President. Patron smirked.
  • That Third Man would be his benefactor. At long last, he will reveal himself.
  • Steve Austin nodded in acceptance. Dave Bautista drained his Steveweiser as the show ended.

Quick Results

1. Shinsuke Nakamura def. Rob Conway & Sylvan Grenier with a Kinshasa to Conway [6:50]
2. Paige VanZant def. Molly Holly via TKO [0:43]
3. The East Coast Pulpit def. The Color Guard with a DDE [8:01]
4. Bray Wyatt def. Zack Ryder with a Sister Abigail [2:00]
5. Stone Cold Steve Austin def. Alberto El Patron via DQ [18:21]

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