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Originally Posted by Gallops77 View Post
Rollins vs Triple H
Jericho vs Owens
Shaq vs Big Show

Those are the only 3 of the matches you posted that will happen.

Daniel Bryan IS NOT wrestling at Wrestlemania. People need to get over it.

Sting CAN NOT WRESTLE. He doesn't have a few more matches in him. He has zero. His neck is too messed up to take another bump.

Reigns vs Cena? Really?

Strowman vs Mark Henry? That's a match for Monday Night RAW. Not Wrestlemania. Mark Henry has ZERO credibility anymore.

Why don t you say that to Mr Steve Bordens face he has zero matches in him and he cannot take another bump! I am sure all the fans would like to see STING vs underflaker ! I said Reigns vs Cena can be an idea if he went for another title incase he doesn t beat AJ Styles!
Daniel Bryan will come back when wwe asks him to return and I am sure millions of fans would like him to recapture the title again and having Bryans vs AJ styles would blow the roof off!

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