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BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...

WCWF-The Countdown:Begin results

5000 comes out and announces that he brought some talent for our first ppv who don't work here to make this night special. He said why one is kicking off the KO battle royal.

Brock Lesnar /w/ Paul Heyman def. Vader in 5 seconds. Brock challenges anyone to come fight one and he get's his answer with Ryback who comes down and brawl with Lesnar as the ref rings the bell.

Brock Lesnar def. Ryback in 8 mins.

Chris Beniot vs. Chris Jericho (US title) ends in a double pin on each other

The New Age Outlaws def. Zayn & Steen vs Edge & Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz.- after roll up pinning Edge who was distracted arguing with Zayn. While Road Dogg was pinning Edge, Gunn ran up and clotheslined Zayn before he can stop it. Meanwhile Christian and Steen continued brawling through the crowd. Rollins attacked Hardy early in the match and took him out and brawled with Matt to the back.

CM Punk makes his debut and cuts a promo about winning tonight. Stone Cold comes out and say he will win. The two get in each others face, Austin say's he may not work here but tonight he will kick Punk's skinny fat ass.

John Cena and Hulk Hogan vs Beer Money-
Mid-Match The Vision/The Machine makes their way down and Triple H tells Roode he told him to jump on "The Vision" and he failed, just like he fails tonight. Storm walks in front of Roode and tells Hunter "this is my vision" before hitting Roode with Last Call. Cena and Hogan looks on in shock. Hogan tries to help up Roode as Storm walks up the ramp. Cena then snatches up Hogan for the AA/FU. After he smerks and does the U Can't C Me taunt before snatching off his wristband and spitting on it. A kid was crying at ringside and he yelled at him to "shut his dumb ass up!!!" Cena stood next to Triple H and the rest of "The Vision" AKA The Machine.

Lita and Trish def. The Beautiful People (Winners face off for the Women's title at Rock Bottom.) After both are attacked by a debuting Kharma

We see Ric Flair making walking backstage and is stopped by Bret Hart to talk Flair. Bret say's he doesn't like Angle and would happily help him win tonight. Flair say's I may be the dirtest player in the game but i'm also the greatest of all time and damn sure don't need help proving that. Flair goes to walk away but Bret grabs his shoulder and say Flair wait before shoving him in front of a car. It is revealed Owen and Bret set this up as they stand over his body smiling. Angle runs backstage and starts assaulting but get's hit in the head with a baseball bat by Owen.

Kurt Angle vs. Ric Flair doesn't take place (IC Title) due to the events earlier in the night

Bray Wyatt def. The Undertaker to retain the WCWF title after Kane (1997 attire) pyro hits and Kane makes his debut and stands next to Paul Bearer and Luke Harper as Bearer laughs. Bray off the distraction hits sister abragail. After Bray tells Taker he can end this by joining them. He say's become the sinister deadman he once was. Undertaker looks like he is considering before walking away looking in shame.

K.O. Battle Royal (Winner faces WCWF champ at Rock Bottom)

1. The Rock KO'ed by Roman Reigns at 20:00
2 John Cena Knocked Out by Hulk Hogan at 15:00
3 Stone Cold Knocked Out by CM Punk at 45:00
4 Hulk Hogan Knocked Out by John Cena at 17:00 (After Cena was already snuck back in the room to KO him with a chair)
5 Brock Lesnar Knocked out by Lashley at 40:00
6 Roman Regins Knocked out by Brock Lesnar at 43:00
7 Vader Knocked out by Brock Lesnar at 25:00
8 Briq Romine Knocked out by 5000 at 12:00
9 Bret Hart Knocked out by Brock Lesnar at 36:00
10 Edge Knocked out by Brock Lesnar at entry
11 Adrien Neville Knocked out by Brock Lesnar at entry
12 Randy Orton KO'ed by Angle at 19:00
13 Kurt Angle Knocked out by Owen Hart at 16:00
14 David Otunga Knocked out by Kurt Angle at 2:50
15 Dolph Ziggler Knocked out by Rob Van Dam at 29:16
16 Jeff Hardy Knocked Out by Seth Rollins at 39:14 (Who he already took out
17 Y2J Knocked Out by Brock Lesnar at entry
18 Cm Punk (Winner last Knocking out Stone Cold and 5000)
19 RVD Knocked out by Lesnar in 12:00
20 5000 Knocked Out by Stone Cold at 44:56
21 Ryback Knocked Out by Brock Lesnar at 34:15
22 Luke Harper KO'ed by The Undertaker at 39:10
23 Shawn Michaels KO'ed by Bobby Roode by 39:49
24 Cactus Jack KO'ed by Brock Lesnar at entry
25 Daniel Bryan eliminated by Roman Reigns at 42:00
26 Bobby Roode Eliminated by The Vision/The Machine at 41:16
27 James Storm KO'ed by Bobby Roode at 34:04
28 AJ Styles Eliminated by Roode at 26:28
29 The Undertaker KO'ed by Roman Reigns at 41:59
30 Mr. Anderson KO'ed by Punk at 15:50
31 Bully Ray KO'ed by Lesnar at 36:47
32 Christopher Daniels Knocked Out by Bully Ray at 14:00
33 Kaz KO'ed by Anderson at 16:49
34 Gunner Knocked out by Lashley at 24:19
35 Bobby Lashley Knocked Out by Brock Lesnar at 42:80
36 Bret Hart Knocked Out by Kurt Angle at 17:15
37 Cesaro Knocked Out by Brock Lesnar at 12:14
38 Daniel Bryan Knocked Out by Bully Ray at 14:15
39 Kevin Owens Knocked Out by CM Punk at 40:43
40 Eddie Edwards Knocked Out by CM Punk at 17:19
41 Billy Gunn Knocked Out by CM Punk at 2:00
42 "Mr.Knockout" Mike Evans (AKA Michael Tarver)
43 Sami Zayn Jumped Out Out Edge and Christian at 43:13
44 Davey Richards Knocked out Kazarian at 14:00
45 Road Dogg Knocked out by Daniels at 33:32
46 Seth Rollins Knocked out by Jeff Hardy with a ladder at 35:40
47 Samoa Joe by Lesnar at 39:12
49 Austin Aries Knocked out by Samoa Joe at 14:45
50 Sting KO'ed by Shawn Michaels at 43:00

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