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BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...


-5000 (me) kicks off the show and welcomes us to WCWF Rampage and say's it's "the most badass show on the planent" that this is where it get's no better than. He say's WCWF is the #1 professional wrestling company on the planet and will dominate the competition. He say's that Pro Wrestling Federation ( WWE-Then, Now, Forever ) is has a fat walking klodinke bar running their promotion who know's nothing about the business. He say's tonight we will crown the first ever WCWF Heavyweight Championship time tournament that will see
Bobby Roode vs Bray Wyatt
Brock Lesnar vs Vader
John Cena vs Bret Hart
Kurt Angle vs Ric Flair
Now let's whip some ass:

(WCWF intro/pyro play's)

Bobby Roode does a backstage promo and makes his way to the ring saying how his whole life he dreamed of being a pro wrestler and being world champion one day. Bray Wyatt interrupts him in a dark room and say's he can keep living in a fantasy land but he know's the truth and Roode will never know true absolution like he will tonight....he say's he is here.

-Bray Wyatt defeats Bobby Roode /w/ a distraction from a debuting Luke Harper. in 10:02

Bobby Roode walks backstage looking pissed and he runs into Triple H and Vince McMahon. He tell's them to get the fuck out his way. Triple H makes fun of his anger tone and say's listen you need to show me some damn respect. Roode say's who the hell are you to me. Triple H say's we are the co-GM of this bitch and they tell him to jump along on The Vision and you will find success. Roode say's screw you,kiss my ass. He goes to walk away and Vince blow's smoke in his face so Roode smacks the shit out of him and Triple H backs away slowly looking scared.

-Vader vs Brock Lesnar ends in a DQ after Lesnar just completly dominates Vader. After the match Lesnar F5's him 6 times in a row and then breaks his arm. Brock say's he quits until he has a real challenge

John Cena Interview :Cena say's tonight he faces a fellow legend in Bret Hart and he respects the hell out of him but tonight he is going to beat his ass and taste gold. He say's tonight I don't do this for any body but John Cena. Cena say's no matter what may the best man win. Bret Hart walks up and shake his hand and say that man will be me and walks away as Cena looks on pissed.

-John Cena defeats Bret Hart in 15:01
; After the two shook hands

CM Punk is coming vignette

Ric Flair backstage interview: Flair say's it's not about strutting,styling or profiling tonight. He say's it's about becoming a 22 time world champion. And he will succeed in his goal.

[i]Triple H say's he gave Roode a chance to be apart of the future but he turned me down so he say's Roode's life will be hell and he announces at The Countdown Begins Roode and a partner of his chosing will face a team handpicked by him. He announce a US title battle royal and a TV title battle royal for next week. He then say's the second runner up tonight would not be a loser but ultimately a winner because that man will become the first ever WCWF Intercontiental Champion. Bobby Roode comes down angry on the ramp looking like he wants a fight but security escorts him out and he continues screaming "Your a little bitch,Fuck you hunter

Roman Reigns is coming vignette

Kurt Angle cuts a backstage promo stating how he will be world champion again TONIGHT!!!! and the makes his entrance. Flair is out next

-Angle defeats Flair in 10:30; but Flair's foot was under the rope so Flair snaps (Not a heel turn) and calls out Angle for next week who accepts. The two shakes hands and have an intense staredown, Flair leaves the ring.
Wyatt's scare intro goes off... when the light's come back on Wyatt and Harper are jumping Angle. Wyatt hit's Sister Abragail twice. Harper snatches up the ref and forces him to start the match. Wyatt pins Angle 1 - 2 - 3
WYATT IS THE FIRST EVER WCWF HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION....After the match Flair comes to make the save as they continue the assault. But Harper hits him in the back of the head with a steel chair. Flair falls into Bray. As Wyatt sets him up for Sister Abragail the lights goes off. (Gong) When they come back on it's The Undertaker who beats the hell out of Wyatt (Harper has disappeared) he chokeslams him through a table and then tombstones him on the floor... to end the show
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