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Originally Posted by The Dragon Saga View Post
It's all the exact same thing over and over again. You aren't providing examples, you aren't providing anything credible. You're just saying generic keyboard warrior lingo that wrestling fans use to criticize a wrestlers in-ring performance. So, try again. Try harder. Just try.

You've never actually seen an AJ Styles match, have you? Are you confusing him with The Young Bucks? The Young Bucks are two guys and AJ Styles is one. It's a pretty hard mistake to make mate. Maybe get your eyes checked out.

Well 15 people voted for him here and Zayn wasn't even nominated so, I'm going to say he's pretty great.

Actually it kind of does. I don't think you completely understand wrestling :/

But nevertheless, AJ Styles is the best wrestler in the world because of his talent, because of his pacing, because of his diversity, understanding of what makes a good, compelling wrestling match as well as his presence in the ring and how despite his lack of ability to speak he is able to convey his feelings through his movements in the ring. He has several great matches this year, as I have stated before, none of which have been matched by a match involving Sami Zayn. I'd say the weakest of the best matches Styles has had this year was vs. Adam Cole at All Star Extravaganza VI and even that is on-par with Zayn vs. Cesaro, 2 out of 3 falls. Hes won a much more important title than Zayn, he did it immediately showing how well he was viewed by the bookers, he was the first gaijin to win the title in nine years and the person to do it before him was Brock Lesnar. He went from being hated by the Japanese audience to being loved due to his quality and talent. He drew more people to larger arenas on bigger shows and he is ending 2014 as the face of NJPW's first North American PPV, and has been labeled by Jim Ross, "the biggest mistake I ever made as the head of talent relations".

If this was a boxing match, I'd have had you KO'd in the first second of the first round by whistling in your direction.
So basically you're dismissing my criticisms because you think they aren't genuine. Well, there's not much I can do about you putting fingers to your ear and going Na na na. If you enjoy AJ's strengths enough to overlook his flaws, that's fair, but to say they don't exist is just idiotic.

Like with O'Reilly, there's a point where AJ takes his time going to the top rope in the middle of the match while Kyle crawls to the center of the ring. Kyle looks back to see if AJ is in position, and AJ cues Kyle to stand up, Kyle stands up and AJ then hits his crossbody. This whole moment takes like 30 seconds. So when he's lying next to Kyle, goes up, and cues him to move, this is the period of "And for my next trick" that I was talking about. There's also the front missle dropick Kyle hits to AJ on the outside of the ring. AJ flies out of the ring, and says "Welp, Kyle needs to hit me with the signature, so let me crawl and sit in this chair for no fucking reason, except to let Kyle hit his move". It's kinda bullshit how Rey Mysterio always gets his opponents into the 2nd rope for the 619, but it's fine when those guys make sure they end up their in a logical way by stumbling into it from a move or something. AJ just decides that it's time to sit in the chair and throw ring psychology out the window. I don't know man, almost all of AJ's matches go like that. He hits a pretty move or two, then takes a breather for a few seconds to set up the next spot, and then telegraphs the next move. It's not easy to suspend disbelief with him when he's so determined to remind everybody that this isn't real.

If you want to make believe AJ Styles is the greatest wrestler in the world and can use no improvement, that's fine. I bet AJ believes the same thing. Meanwhile, a guy like El Generico who was similarly confident, sucked it up, moved to NXT, improved on literally every level, be it promos, facial expressions, selling realistically, telling the story of a match, working the bodyparts, etc. And now Sami Zayn is on a weekly program showing the entire world he's the best wrestler in the world while AJ is doing the same ol' stuff he's always done and relying on keyboard warriors like yourself to say "he's the best wrestler because he has great matches.. and his matches are great because he's such a great wrestler!"

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