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Originally Posted by Johnny Savage View Post
You're probably right, if he even shows up on Spin just wouldn't surprise me if TNA approaches him about being in a match, that's all. Never say never!
Truthfully I only read the thread because I thought maybe Robert Irvine was an Indy star I hadn't heard of and after reading who he was I don't care about him. I don't think him showing up would bring ratings or anything and probably 90% or more of the people wouldn't know who he was.

Someone mentioned Gordon Ramsey and said that Irvine's show was basically a rip-off of Kitchen Nightmares so then it could work as Ramsey can come out and body slam Irvine for stealing his concept. I can see it now, the battle of the chefs in the cage at Lockdown. Gordon Ramsey's name may bring some ratings because most everyone would like to see Ramsey smacked around a bit.