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3 days after Meltdown 150

It had been just over 36 hours since my match with Callie. Theron and I had continued our discipleship relationship and began meeting at an undisclosed location. One that was unsafe to give out its exact whereabouts. Telling the world could put long-term workers on Theron's team in danger. These meetings were helping me to focus on my inner growth and have hope for a better tomorrow, which was something I had always strived for. Preventing the Apocalypse would logically create the better future that everyone benefits from. Theron never talks about things like this in our meetings though. Even WZCW has been coming up less. It's always about praying to these three deities and him asking me what these deities have been telling me. I'm going to try to see if it's possible to still get the conversations back onto a focus of my WZCW career and how it can improve my in-ring ability. We'll be starting our next meeting soon. More to come.

5 days after Meltdown 150

I had given Becky Serra my notice that I would be unable to compete at Meltdown 151 or Ascension 128. Instead I needed some time away. Time to reflect on my future. I needed what Theron and Josh call "fresh vision". They get this when they pray to their deities. I don't understand what they mean by this. I have 20:20 vision. I see just fine. There's a nice waterfall by the hotel at the undisclosed location we have been meeting at. I took a personal retreat to try to obtain this "fresh vision". The loss to Callie made me doubt myself. This was something I hadn't felt before and I hoped the time away would do me some good.

10 days after Meltdown 150

This morning I got an email back from Becky Serra. While my time away was granted, I did still need to make an appearance in a segment on the show. The silver lining was not having to do any promotional statements regarding any matches. My mind was simply not in the right place for it. I wanted to place my focus on Kingdom Come 9, the biggest show of them all. I made preparations to travel to the Meltdown 151 venue so that I could honor what was asked of me. I asked Doreen to find out what my potential opponents for Kingdom Come 9 were doing in the meantime.

3 days before Meltdown 151

Received a message from Doreen that my fanmail portal email was getting clogged up due to so many incoming messages that not been answered. I couldn't keep up with it anymore and had also told her to not answer any messages either until I gave the clearance to do so. I had not answered a single message from a fan since losing the title to Callie.

44 minutes after Meltdown 151

I had found out that Randy Studd would be joining Callie and myself in our match at Kingdom Come 9. Something seemed off about that. It wasn't just Studd's involvement that irked me. I still didn't feel I was in the right mindset for competing again. That night I opened my inbox, ignoring the 1827 pieces of fanmail still unread, and sent an email to Mr "Get These Hands" from the Talent Relations team to let him know of my concerns. It then hit me that this time I needed to do something different. Something that I hadn't really done before.

12 days after Meltdown 151

I had called the members of The Grand Dream together for a meeting. It would have to be a quick one, as I had another one on one discipleship session with Theron that evening. Doreen, Cousin Willy, and Masamune all arrived puncually to my home apartment. None of them said a word until I broke the silence.

Lynx: You're probably wondering why I called this meeting. Moving forward, I needed something different. A change for the better. Something that even Theron had never done.

Doreen: She noticed you sound a bit different, Lynx. Come to think of it, Doreen sounds different too. What gives?

Willy: He's talking in blue instead of red. And Doreen's talking in orange. I've retained my olive color it would seem.

Doreen: Olive?

Willy: This color that I'm talkin' in now. This is olive. Blue's a good fit for you, Lynx!

Lynx: Glad you like it. Enough was enough and it was time for a change. Also, Masamune? You're fired. Your services are no longer needed. Out!

Masamune nods his head and exits the apartment. He had a look of disappointment, but we all knew it was coming. What followed after that was some planning for what was to come next. Well, Doreen and I planned. Willy mostly just sat there eating a salad. I gave Doreen permission to go ahead and let the fans know about why I had been away and so quiet. The meetings with Theron at the undisclosed site, needing time to find myself, and my genuine concerns. Part of me wondered if I would even make it to Kingdom Come 9.

4 days later....

I now knew who all of my opponents at Kingdom Come 9 would be. Callie Clark, Wren, and Randy Studd. The rest of us had an opportunity to win the Elite Openweight Championship and the one who won the match would surely have the bright future we all desired for our own reasons. That night Theron and I met in the jungle at a campfire. We were supposed to meet two days earlier, but I ran into various issues with having to renew my passport (which is always a colossal pain) and sleeping in due to a huge migraine the day after that. I made it at least. That's the important part.

Theron: Are you scared, Panther?

Lynx: Of what?

Theron: Competing at Empire Rally 9.

Lynx: I want to say no, but the honest answer is I am just not sure right now. About anything. After the loss to Callie I contemplated taking an extended leave of absence.

Theron: What would you have done if you did leave?

I struggled to answer that question. My response was the absolute truth.

Lynx: I have NO idea. Literally the only thing keeping me going was that this is Kingdom Come. The big one. I couldn't miss out on the opportunity to compete there. That was when my confidence came back.

Theron: What would you say is your goal then?

Lynx: The purpose of this discipleship relationship you and I have was to help me achieve a higher level of success in WZCW. For you to help me get to where you are, and then to EXCEED that level to heights I never dreamed possible. My goal at Kingdom Come 9 is to do not one, but two things that you never could. First and foremost, you've never won at the event. Secondly, I plan on winning the Elite Openweight Championship back for a second reign. Actually, make that three things because you never held that belt.

Neither of us speak for a bit. I looked away for a moment, listened to the crackling of the fire, and then looked at Theron.

Theron: Any thoughts on your opponents? The one currently holding the title has had quite the impressive year.

Lynx: Callie was the first one I defeated for a championship. She would have been my first retention had I mentally been in the right place. I'm not sure if it was the visit to my childhood friend before the match, or something else, but I wasn't mentally there. I'm going to give it my all at Kingdom Come. Not to mention there's also the odds being against Callie. She doesn't have to get pinned. If I pin Wren or Studd, both of which I have defeated before, then the title is back in my hands.

Theron: And what of the other two opponents?

Lynx: Studd shouldn't even be in the match. I could get into technicalities of how his account manager is the same as somebody else in a different match on the card. Kind of like how that one guy handles both my account and your legends contract. How's he doing anyway?

Theron: Really tired from what I hear. He's about to go overseas with his church for a few weeks and will miss Kingdom Come. He gives his regards.

Lynx: Anyway, ignoring the technicality.... Studd's got an obstacle much bigger than trying to get a date. This is the Elite Openweight Championship we're after. Wren, Callie, and I are all way out of his league.

We both laughed about this. I hadn't laughed so hard in a very long time.

Lynx: Then we have Wren. Remember how she came so close to defeating Titus for the Eurasian Championship? I see something similar happening. She may come close again in our match, but I don't see championship gold in her future. Not this time around anyway. The future of WZCW is me. It's always been. I'll prove it at Kingdom Come 9 when I walk out having regained the Elite Openweight Championship.

I felt an adrenaline rush after that last statement. Theron had a serious look on his face. Some rustling was heard in the bushes behind us. A figure with a long beard emerged from the bushes. When he got to the campfire we were sitting at, I realized it was Josh Browning. The man I had spent so long searching earlier this year.

Josh: Did you ask him?

Theron: Not yet.

Lynx: Ask me what?

Theron nodded and Josh walked over beside him, placing a hand on Theron's shoulder.

Theron: If worse comes to worse, would you join us out here?

Lynx: As in like.... Missionary work?

Theron: On a more long-term basis.

Josh: We have an opening on the team. One of our long-term workers had to return to the states. Lynx, you mentioned contemplating a leave of absence. I reached out to Theron after last year's Kingdom Come when he was going through such a tough time. At least take the time to pray about it. We would love to have you serving on the field with us.

Lynx: I'll take it into consideration, but I have a championship to win back. When I do regain the title from Callie, I plan on holding it long enough to break Eve's record.

Theron: Best of luck, Panther.

Both Theron and Josh left the campfire and I was there all alone. I remained there for almost an hour thinking over the offer that was presented to me. My career in WZCW takes priority over all else. What if I did take them up on it though?

22 hours, 52 minutes, and 14 seconds before Kingdom Come 9

I had received word that my only remaining opportunity to make any promotional statements regarding my match before the big event was to do it tonight. I hated feeling rushed. It was either now or never though.

Lynx: Fans, I apologize for being less available than usual in recent weeks. I've been meeting with my mentor Theron and have not had as much time for social media interaction and these promotional statements. I appreciate how much all of you have followed me up until this point. I had hoped to achieve more success than Theron and even those greater than him. Perhaps one day that can still happen. I can promise you this. At Kingdom Come I will do everything I can to get that title back. It's time for something new and the future of WZCW is the man who came FROM the future. I'll see you at Kingdom Come and hopefully after that I will be in a better state of mind to take this company into a greater tomorrow.
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