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I like Magnus. You guys find everything to complain about. This guy is still a young homegrown TNA talent who the company invested in years ago. He's young yet a veteran, he's got a great look, solid mic skills, solid wrestler. Why are you complaining? TNA is low on talent in the main event. TNA can use the return of a main event guy like Magnus right about now. He's got credibility. You guys talk about giving "young talent and new people a shot" yet complain when it happens. I remember people bashing TNA for giving EY the world championship yet it paid off in the end as he became a hot act for the company. Granted, Matt Hardy is over 40 yet fans complained when TNA gave him the title yet he resurrected his career and became TNA's hottest act in a long time.

I see the threadstarter suggesting Matt Morgan, a 7ft guy who is not all that special in the ring or on the mic and is past age 40. Like really? You're going to suggest him over a guy like Magnus, who is experienced yet still has room to develop over something more?