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It had been a very stressful couple days for Flex Mussel. Up until Ascension he was as cool and confident as one could be heading into the biggest match of his career. But in the span of just a few hours things seemingly took a one eighty. Following a loss to Kagura the bodybuilderís confidence was a bit shaken. She beat him in the same vein she did one year ago, an unsuspecting rollup. The same night it had been brought to Flexís attention by his upcoming opponent that the Mussel bomb had been banned in his title match by the board of directors. And as the fitness freak stood ringside at a live event after a match he began to wonder if history was destined to repeat itself. Last year he failed to capture the EurAsian championship against a seemingly unbeatable champion and as he looked into the many faces of the fans he started feeling like everything he worked so hard for was slowly disintegrating around him. And those close to him could tell, he even remembers the words his wise mentor Everest told following that night.

Everest: Flex you need to relax!

Flex: Relax?! How am I supposed to relax? I had been undefeated for months and just days before Gold Rush I lose, if I canít beat Kagura how am I supposed to beat Cooper?

The fitness freak can be seen repeatedly throwing around objects in frustration of everything that occurred on Ascension.

Everest: Correct me if Iím wrong but didnít Cooper lose to you just days before winning the World title at Kingdome Come?

Flex: Things are different now, thereís no knee injury, and heís stacked the deck against me! Did you hear him out there?! I canít use the Mussel Bomb, I literally canít use one of my finishers or Iím fired!

Everest: Itís the man that makes the move, not the other way around Flex.

Flex: Spare me from your superficial wisdom Everest. I have too much riding on this match to not care about these important details.

Everest: But are you willing to let these details eat away at you and distract you from what really matters Flex?!
Referee: FLEX! What are you doing? Your match is over! You gotta leave ringside and head backstage.

The nearby ref snapped Flex out of his introspective thinking and flashback but did nothing to convince Flex to leave. The bodybuilder scanned the arena, he saw fans cheer him, he saw fans boo him, he even saw fans clamor for Eve Taylor or Constantine to beat whoever wins at Gold Rush, but it was one specific sign that caught his eye: ďFlex Mussel to choke at Gold Rush Two Years in a row!Ē. And with that Flex grabbed a mic from the ring announcer and dives under the bottom rope and back into the ring. He taps his hand on the top of the mic to make sure itís working and yells at the ringside crew to turn on the mic. After a few moments he is obliged much to confusion of everyone.

Flex: I know what a lot of you are thinking. You see Flex Mussel in the main event of Gold Rush and you think itís a fluke. A lot of you think no matter how far Iíve progressed in the last year thereís not a chance in hell I become World champion, Iím good but Iím just not THAT good. Whether you like him or not I know a lot of you would agree with Justin Cooper, that Iím nothing but a placeholder opponent and once I lose Iíll go back to curtain jerking where I belong. Funny enough ever since I became number one contender Cooper and his corporate clones have made sure Iím seen as nothing more than a second rate challenger. Only allowing me to compete on Ascension and usually in the opening match at that. The one thing Iíll give Justin credit for is that heís good at making people see his own reality. And if you would believe the words that come out of his mouth you see me as someone who canít even hold his jockstrap. The way he carries himself you would think heís looking far past me into future opponents. And by the way some of you are looking at me right now youíre hoping someone like Eve Taylor or Constantine is the real hero to save you from Cooperís reign of terror.

Sporadic Constantine and Eve Taylor chants can be heard throughout the arena but they do not phase Flex at all as he continues despite being motioned by the ref to leave.

Everest: Did I ever tell you I faced Justin Cooper years ago? Albeit he was a much different competitor looking back on it he reminded me a lot of you when I first scouted you for WZCW. He was hungry and looking to make a name for himself, and while I beat him I knew that in the future if he stayed focus heíd achieve much greater heights. And now he has, but not without becoming more vicious, ruthless, and conniving than almost anyone in WZCW history. And while I havenít approved of a majority of what youíve done in the last year Flex Iíve seen you go down that same path. Youíve taken Ramparteís career away from him, youíve needlessly injured others and have stomped on the fingers of many to get yourself into a World title match. Iím not sure if itís a good thing or not but you two have been parallels of each longer than either of you realize.
Flex: Allow me to let you guys in on a little secret: Iím the only one in WZCW who can beat Justin Cooper. Do you wanna know why? Itís because Iím the only one in this company who doesnít care if anyone thinks Iím legitimate or not. I will stoop to whatever level necessary because winning this World title means so much more to me than whether or not any of you like me, and whether or not anybody in the back thinks I deserve it. Have I back-stabbed my friends? Have I cheated to gain the upperhand on my enemies? Youíre damn right, and whether you want to admit or not you know that goes a hell of a lot farther than sucking up to you and pretending you matter.

The crowd starts to fully align against Flex but bodybuilder doesnít let up at all he continues his beration of the fans.

Flex: You fickle and foolish fans are the reasons why Vis Imperium is in power right now. Cooper pulled the wool over all your eyes and tricked you all until he became World champion. The only difference between us is that I told you all months ago I would lie, cheat, deceive, and do whatever is necessary to win the World championship. All Iíve done is be honest with you, so believe me when I say this, Justin Cooper is scared. Despite the wall of confidence and childish trash talk the thing that terrifies him more than anything is losing that World title. Without it he loses his power, Mr. Banks and the Board of directors are less inclined to help him, and his lackeys are less inclined to believe in someone who canít keep their word. Justin may talk as if this match is a forgone conclusion but whether he realizes or not this match could make or break him.

Everest: Truth be told Flex watching you do some of things youíve done lately has sickened me, but somehow youíre still the lesser of two evils in this situation. Maybe Iím bias due to our history but I have only wanted the best for you since you stepped into this company. And while fighting fire with fire isnít something I would recommend people to do your inability to care about anyone elseís well-being is exactly what has taken you so far.

Flex: If Iím the lesser of two evils how the hell am I still going to stop someone who is so corrupted by success and power?

Maria: Because Cooper surrounds himself with associates, while youíre surrounded by family.

The monsieur of muscle turns around to see his sister Maria, friend and assistant Charles, Ex-lover Svetlana, and drugged out grandfather Max enter the room.

Maria: Weíve all had times where we wouldíve rather let you suffer than help you Flex but weíve stayed by your side because we want you to succeed. You can be a dick but you've done a lot for us, and we just want to return the favor.

Charles: Youíve already done what so many people said you never would, and thatís succeed in WZCW, and now youíve got a World title match, thatís something no one is ever going to be able to take away from you regardless of what happens. This shouldnít be a match of desperation Flex it should be your finest hour.

Flex: If I am what you say I am Justin Iím lucky just to be in the main event, why should I stress? Why should I worry about losing? If anybody has any fear itís you Justin. Imagine losing this early into your title run, right when youíre at your peak, imagine being put in the back of the championship line. Behind the Gold Rush winner, behind one of the many talented and capable wrestlers in the back, behind whoever is going to be holding the KFAD briefcase. Justin youíve been preaching to the masses that after you beat me Iím going right back to the undercard but letís be honest, Iím still one of the most talented wrestlers in this company, and while I thought this may have been my one and only World title shot the truth is Iíve still got so much left in my career. But do you?

Svetlana: Youíve come long way Flex, and I wouldnít be back helping you if I thought you were only going to regress. Youíve got much more ahead in your future, do not let something as minimal as one loss or one stupid rule stop you from completing your destiny.

Everest: Youíve outlasted a lot of people in this company Flex, with the amount of talent you have ascending to the top of the mountain was bound to happen.
Flex: Cooper until Kingdom Come your career was met with a lot of start and stop success. Short Mayhem title reigns and forgettable Elite championship wins plagued you as many thought you were just another guy, good but not great. And for years you clamored for the validation, you kicked yelled and screamed for people to see you as the very best in WZCW. And now that youíve gotten it the last thing you want is another reset, and thatís exactly whatís going to happen when I beat you at Gold Rush. Weíre a lot more similar than you think Justin, for the last year Iíve been fighting a lot of people not only for success but respect. For them to see me as more than just the guy who was a part of the greatest tag team in history, more than just the guy who has gotten some big wins here and there, I want to be seen as the greatest WZCW has to offer and being World champion validates that for me. It doesnít matter if you take away my Mussel Bomb Iíll find another way to beat you.

Charles: Iíll be right by your side as always Flex, I want a ringside view when you win.

Maria: And should any of Vis Imperium get involved we'll all be right there to even the score.
Flex: Iíll do whatever it takes because Iíve come too far to just to become another name in your win column.

Flex: You guys really believe in me donít you?

Everest: We do, the question is are you going to start believing in yourself?

Flex: The last couple of days Iíve stressed myself out because I was living in your reality Justin, but trust me thatís over now. After replaying the words of the people I care about in my head I realize youíre much stronger when thereís more than just you believing in yourself, but others believing in you too. You donít have that Justin, you just have puppets who need you to win to keep their spot on your coattails. But thereís only so long you can fool the public, and whether you know it or not youíve been old news for a while now. I know just how good I am, and despite what you say youíre not leagues above me, and I know for a fact I can beat you!

Flex: Youíre damn right I believe in myself!!!
Flex: Youíve looked me dead in my eyes Justin, you know how serious I am, you know that Iím coming for you and your hubris will be your downfall, the facade ends at Gold Rush, and my validation will finally come true,because I will finally be the WZCW World Heavyweight champion!!!!

Flex and his comrades all embrace in a hug in the locker room as they continue to try to calm the bodybuilderís fears.
The monsieur of muscle drops the mic on the ground and finally exits the ring. Most of the crowd continues to boo him but thereís a tiny fraction not sure what to make of his statements. He just continues walking up the ramp paying them no mind, as he knows his time in the limelight is far from over.

Make America Healthy Again! - King Mussel

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