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Originally Posted by harrythem View Post
Would've loved the Bulldog to be world champion but, honestly, his legacy didn't need it. There isn't a hope that any uk wrestler can match his level of popularity. I'm more peeved he's not in the HOF yet as his career warrants it. I can only assume they'd be looking at putting the bulldogs in as a team and, for that to happen, they'd def want Dynamite dead first as there's no way you can trust him not to say something awful
Though it would be great for the Bulldogs to go in the HOF.... Daveys solo career merits it anyway. He was an upper midcard guy for most of the 90s.
He really was instrumental in getting the WWE over in the UK in the early 90s when Sky started broadcasting it.

Summerslam 92 was his defining moment... when he wins the title I don't think I've seen a crowd pop like it! 80,000 at Wembley stadium!