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Originally Posted by Makaveli31 View Post
Dynamite was ALOT smaller than Davey. Dynamite was 5'8, Davey was 6'3 260 just bu virtue of size alone Dynamite was an innovator and a pioneer. Guys Dynamite's size did not get pushes much less main event matches. His blend of superior athletic wrestling combined with his intense in-ring demeanor is what gained him a reputation and put the Bulldogs on the map. Make no mistake Dynamite was the alpha in the relationship. He was the leader and the innovator. Davey Boy learned from Dynamite.

Davey was not 6'3. He was more like 5'10. He is a little shorter than Bret Hart who walks around at 6'0.
WWE always inflated heights (and weights) to make wrestlers seem more larger than life

Daveys body mass was bigger than Dynmaites obviously, peaking at 270 lbs in the early 90s... however many people forget that Davey was a slightly smaller more agile 245 in the mid to late 80s. He was a cross between a high flyer and a power guy ..... though by the 90s he was more the power guy with the huge physique to maximise his solo career push (and his earnings)

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