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Franchize1990 scored a win over Santino Marella...Franchize1990 scored a win over Santino Marella...Franchize1990 scored a win over Santino Marella...Franchize1990 scored a win over Santino Marella...Franchize1990 scored a win over Santino Marella...Franchize1990 scored a win over Santino Marella...Franchize1990 scored a win over Santino Marella...Franchize1990 scored a win over Santino Marella...Franchize1990 scored a win over Santino Marella...Franchize1990 scored a win over Santino Marella...Franchize1990 scored a win over Santino Marella...

The crowd reactions taking place in the Pepsi Center are still ringing in the newly crowned WZCW Mayhem Champion, King Obi Okaforís head as he feels the medical staff help, practically drag him into the backstage area. As the staff opens the backstage curtain, it is revealed that the hallway is lined by a few men and women applauding Okafor. The medical staff tries their best to clear the way for the superstar as the men and women pat Obi on his chest, head, and back for his accomplishments. As they get toward the end of the hallway, Okafor motions to the staff that heís able to make it under his own power now. He raises his belt onto his shoulder and walks a couple of steps before his legs give up on him completely and his body crumbles onto the cold concrete floor, his Mayhem Championship sliding a few feet away from him. The camera is able to pick up some audible gasps as well as the medical staff calling out for some extra assistance.

--------------------------------------------------24 Hours Later--------------------------------------------------

The scene shifts to a close up of Obi as he wakes up in a rather sudden manner. His eyes shift from side to side, trying to take in his surroundings so he can figure out where exactly he is. As the camera slowly begins to zoom out, it is revealed that Okafor is laying down in a hospital bed, the bright white colors of the room giving Obiís eyes problems to adjust. He moves his head to the right towards the window and the outline of Imari Tinibu can be made out. After a few seconds, Obi turns to the other side and there, he could make out the figure of his mother, Jazmin Carter, and her hand running through his messed up afro. He winces and groans as he tries to sit up in his bed, causing sighs of relief coming from both Tinibu and Jazmine. Obi feels something weighted brush against his hands as he sits up, the newly won WZCW Mayhem Championship.

Obi Okafor: Hm, so winning this thing wasnít a dream I guess huh?

Jazmine rushes to give her son a great big hug, causing Obi to wince a little as she squeezes on his bruised body while the right hand man, Imari Tinibu keeps his solemn look about him, only giving Okafor a quick nod of approval as Obi returns the gesture. Jazmine returns to her seat and scoots even closer towards her son as Obi takes a good look at his reflection in his newly won possession.

Obi Okafor: So, can anyone tell me exactly how this happened? The end of the match feels like one big olí blur and I canít seem to remember much past Tyroneís knee blasting me in the face.

Jazmine Carter: I wish I could but Iíd be lying if I didnít say that I watched your match through my fingers for the first half before turning off the tv when that light tube shattered over your head. My heart couldnít take much more.

Obi reaches over and takes his momís hand in his, rubbing the back of her hand with his thumb.

Obi Okafor
: Itís all good Ma. You know you raised a tough kid out of the mean streets of Wilmington, Delaware. How about you I.T? Care to give me your play by play?

Imari Tinibu: To say you lucked out would be an understatement. Vis Imperium decided to continue their ongoing feud with Blades and decided to rip the Mayhem Championship from Blades and hand it to you when they rolled you over onto Clark.

Obi Okafor: So, what your trying to tell me is that Iím not the true Mayhem Champ huh?

Imari Tinibu: Oh, on paper, you most certainly are. And these things certainly happen in this kind of business. But in order to be considered a true Mayhem Champion, Iíd suggest that you successfully defend your title at Gold Rush. And defending that belt is going to mean not hesitating to do what is necessary to put your opponents down no matter the cost. Canít be trusting that Vis Imperium is a lot that will continue to interfere in your favor.

Okafor looks down at the championship and grips onto it a bit tighter, the disappointment of not being able to capture the gold filling up inside of him as he takes a long, deep sigh. His head snaps back into reality as Imari clears his throat.

Imari Tinibu: You know, if you really want to enjoy this accomplishment for moments to come, youíll have to fully embrace this ruffian lifestyle and not be the disappointing character that we saw in the ring last night.

Jazmine Carter
: Now hang on a quick second Tinibu. My son should be applauded for not overstepping the lines of ruthlessness and insanity and still finding a way to the gold. We agreed, king or not, that my baby would still be the sweet, caring man that he is and still be able to succeed in this business.

Imari Tinibu: Yes, we did. And by all means, Iíd love for His Grace to continue to keep that persona while creating an aura of power around him but the fact remains: If King Okafor wants to continue to be Mayhem Champion, then his actions are going to have to change. He wonít have other people in his corner this time around to defeat Randy Studd.

He turns his attention towards the Mayhem Champion.

Imari Tinibu: A man who has earned his spot on the pay per view by defeating not only you but a number of others in one match. So, it is with that in mind that I suggest that you check yourself out of this place so that we can go train. There is a gym not too far from here that I have reserved for today.

Obi struggles to pull himself out of the hospital bed before a hand reaches out from his mom, landing on another bruised area and once again causing Obi to wince in a small amount of pain. She mouths ďIím sorryĒ to her son before looking over at Tinibu with great concern on her face.

Jazmine Carter: Train? Now? Do you see the amount of pain that my son is in? Heís in no condition to go through one of your training sessions right now and I feelÖ.no, I know rest in the best thing that he needs at this very moment.

Imari Tinibu: I would agree with your words if it wasnít for his match up with Studd looming so close. Every second His Graces spends in that bed is another second he wastes preparing for Sunday. If we are not proactive on getting him the training that he needs, Mr. Studd will end his reign as champion before it has a chance to get off of the ground. You know as well as I do, Ms. Carter, that your son, our King, cannot afford to be as hesitant as he was in that last match.

Jazmine turns her full attention towards Tinibu and is about to really give him a piece of her mind but, her words are interrupted by a loud groan coming from the hospital bed. She turns around to find to her surprise that Obi is standing stiff as a board but on his own two feet nevertheless. Okafor slowly attempts to stretch some of the kinks out of his body, a couple of pops from the joints in his back and neck could be heard before he stands back upright.

Obi Okafor: I know that you mean well and everything Ma but I.T. is right, I need to get as much training in as possible.

Jazmine sits back in her seat stunned with her mouth wide open as Okafor slowly limps his way across the room, using the side railing of the bed for support.

Obi Okafor: What good is a Mayhem Champion if he has to rely on sketchy people like Vis Imperium to do his work for him? In order to become a champion worthy of the WZCW fans, I need to develop a more ruthless edge. Become someone who wouldnít hesitate to use everything plus the kitchen sink against my opponent if it meant staying champion. And besides, I told Randy a while back that Iíd see him in the ring again and Iíd rather start bringing that ruthless side out against him more than anyone else.

Jazmine lets out a soft sigh and lowers her head, surrendering the argument to Tinibu as Obi finally begins to get his wits about him and slightly shake off the soreness in his body. Okafor rests his hand on his motherís shoulder and looks down at her.

Obi Okafor: Thereís no need to worry Mom. Iím still going to be the man you raised when Iím outside of the ring, nothing is going to change that. Thatís something thatís always in my control.

Obi flashes her a reassuring smile. Jazmine smiles softly at her sonís words and pats his hand before letting him go off to train. The scene begins to fade to black as Imari and Obi exchange head nods before the latter gingerly follows the former out of the hospital room.


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