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Default Ogun's Box

The scene opens in one of the quiet corners in the Free Library of Philadelphia where the cameras fade in on a rather banged up WZCW wrestler, King Obi Okafor. Obi is seen sitting at a small cubicle with a rather older text book which has seemingly been read halfway already. Okaforís right arm can be seen sporting a sling while various bruises and scars from his war with Randy Studd at Gold Rush can be seen throughout his body where cloth wasnít able to cover anything. Obi periodically pokes his head from the book to scan the room as though he was looking for someone in particular. After checking his watch, he returns to his book, the current page covering the Legend of the Spirit of Ogun. Obi seemed to be real into his reading as the noise of a man clearing his throat causes Obi to whip his head up at the figure that is Obiís right hand man, Imari Tinibu. Imari extends his right hand in a fist. A straight face forms on Okaforís face as he looks at the fist, up to Imariís face, back to Tinibuís fist, then to his own arm hanging from the sling.

Obi Okafor: Seriously? You wanna joke now?

A rare, sly smile could be seen on Tinibu as he withdrew his fist and joined him in a nearby cubicle.

Imari Tinibu: Looks like your sense of humor is beginning to rub off on me

Imari playfully taps Obiís left shoulder which is still in a considerable amount of pain, causing the King to wince and bite down on his bottom lip so that he wouldnít disrupt the silence in the library. After a few seconds, Obi just shakes his head and turns his attention back to his textbook.

Obi Okafor: Any good news for me today? I could use some after these past few nights.

Imari Tinibu: Indeed I do, you have been granted access into the EurAsian Number One Contenderís Match at the Anniversary Show for this week.

Okafor smiles wide and slowly pumps his left fist, too sore to move too fast, and silently celebrates the good news.

Obi Okafor: See thatís why youíre the man I.T!

Imari Tinibu: Anything for you and the people of West Angola Your Grace. Although I will say that the potential pool of competitors will be very difficult for you to overcome in your current state.

Obi Okafor: Is that right? How tough are we looking for this week?

Imari Tinibu: Well for starters, you have The Beard, who hasnít been a slouch since his return to the ring and right behind him is Vee A.D.Z whoís had no problem beating man of your caliber or better in his most recent run during this past year.

Obiís eyes widen a bit at the mention of the two potentials but his head never moves from the page of the textbook heís been reading.

Obi Okafor: Iím well aware of their skills. Theyíll be the ones to make a wrestler look foolish if you overlook them. If thereís anyone who could give Titus or Tyrone a good fight, itís definitely those two. Go onÖÖ

Imari Tinibu: Thereís also the trio of Manicni, Vox, and Warzone in this match.

Obi Okafor: Manicni is quite the interesting character, always seems like the one ready to burst through a glass ceiling and ready to make a significant impact on the company. Surely a tough enough man to worry about stealing a shot at the title just like his chances for KFAD were stolen from him. Vox Iíve already seen in the ring before and heís someone Iím sure I can handle but this Warzone character Iíve been seeing and hearing aboutÖ It seems like it would be equivalent to fighting Studd on steroids, and for some reason it seems like Studdís had my number ever since Iíve made it to this company.

Obi runs his good hand along the spot where his WZCW Mayhem Championship used to rest when heíd wear it around. The empty feeling of coming up short on a big time stage causes Obi to tense up a bit and clench his fist tightly in a ball for a few seconds before regaining his composure and taking a deep breath. He burries his head back into the book, constantly going over a certain phrase in the middle of the page.

Imari Tinibu: Everything alright Your Grace?

Obi Okafor: YeahÖYeahÖJust thinking of a strategy to deal with all of these guys. Who else did the company put in this match?

Imari Tinibu: Next on the list if Iím not mistaken, would be Yemrez Reqonic.

Obi Okafor: Kudos for actually knowing how to pronounce all of that I.T. Takes a true man of the world to be able to do that.

Imari Tinibu: Was that a hint of sarcasm I detect in your voice, Sir?

Obi looks up and tries to give his right hand man the most innocent pair of eyes as he could

Obi Okafor: NoÖ.?

Okafor could tell that Tinibu was not in the mood to be mocked as he gives the King one of his traditional scowls. After a few seconds of getting nowhere, Obi lets out a small sigh and chuckles lightly to himself.

Obi Okafor: Okay, yes. But thatís because I had to get you back for the little joke you got on me earlier.

Imari Tinibu: Fair enough, but please do understand that Reqonic is probably one of the front runners to win this yearís Rookie of the Year and that a match like this would absolutely be something she could thrive in if she chooses to participate.

Obi Okafor: Mental note taken, Iíll be sure to look out for her if she steps foot in this battle royale. Who else is going to fill this ring of competitors?

Imari Tinibu: Wren will be trying to reclaim her status as #1 Contender

Obi Okafor: As she should, being that she was only one move away from being the current EurAsian Champion. I like the challenge of beating her in the ring for that status though. Thatís the type of speed bump every true champion needs. Youíve got anymore names that were lined up?

Imari Tinibu: I do Your Grace. Xander LeBelle, of Vis Imperium, has also been rumored to be in this match.

A smile slowly starts to creep onto Obiís face as he takes his head from the book and begins to nod

Obi Okafor: Good, glad someone from V.I. might be in this little shindig this week. I still have somewhat of a bone to pick with them after they interfered in my match that won me the Mayhem Title. Iím very sure that I wouldnít have needed their help to win the championship in the first place and beating a member should go a long way in proving that.

Imari Tinibu: Thatís all well and good but do you have a gameplan for all of these people.

Obi smiles and shows him the page that he had been studying ever since he got to the library. Tinibu almost immediately goes pale and scurries to close the book shut. His reaction startles some of the members of the library, causing some of the members to shhh them. Okafor raises a hand up to apologize and then returns to his right hand man.

Obi Okafor: I.T. man whatís up?

Imari Tinibu: Where did you get this book?

Obi Okafor: I found it at my house in the attic. Saw some stuff that I thought I could use to help further my career here in WZCW. Something wrong with that?

Imari Tinibu: Listen Sir, this book contains dark things that no man in this age should ever be privy to again. I let the Mayhem thing go because you were so for it but I cannot in good conscience, let you ever use whatís in this book. Promise me that youíll rely on the skills that were genetically handed down by your father in the ring.

Obi Okafor: Thatís no problem I.T. but what ió

Imari Tinibu: Promis me!

The same crowd shhhes them again but this time Obi ignores them and just stares at Tinibu in bewilderment.

Obi Okafor: Alright man, IóI promise

Without another word, Tinibu takes off with the textbook, leaving Okafor scratching his head about what couldíve been so important about that text as the cameras fade to black.O


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