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The camera turns on and we see Tony Mancini in a place he's usually not found, a desk at the New York City Public library. In front of him is a leather bound journal and a fancy writing pen. After looking around to see if any of the other patrons recognize him he picks up the pen and opens the notebook to the first page. He stares at it for a few seconds before putting pen to paper.

I can't believe I'm actually doing this. A few people have been suggesting that I start keeping a journal full of my thoughts and feelings so I decided to give it a shot. I don't expect this to accomplish anything but I figured it would at the very least shut them up and they'll stop fucking bothering me.

Tony stops writing and clicks the pen a few times as he thinks what he's going to start writing about first.

Might as well start with what's been on my mind lately and that's the fact I failed to qualify for the King For A Day match. I was doing good until I got beat by Logan Fucking McAllister... again! I do all the work by eliminating both War Zone and Vox only for him to blind side me thanks to both Gino & Xaitlyn being at ringside. They weren't bickering but I could tell they wanted to beat the shit out of each other and that was distracting enough. I need to have a talk with both of them before the anniversary show. If either of them fuck up that bad again I swear heads will roll.

Tony takes a deep breath and closes his eye as he slowly counts to to 10. Right as he goes back to writing his phone goes off in his pocket. He grabs it and reads a quick text message from Xaitlyn. He smiles as he puts his phone down and picks up the pen again.

I just got some good news though. Apparently I've been put in a #1 Contenders match for the Eurasian Championship at the 10th Anniversary show, which may even be better than King for a Day. All I need to do is get past a bunch of people most of whom I've already beat. Vox & War Zone I just pinned back at Gold Rush so I'm not worried about them. Vee is going to be to worried about his latest loss instead of looking to the future not to mention I've beaten him before too. So that's three people down no problem.

As he writes Tony's mind goes to someone in this match that in any other situation he would be happy to call friend. Unfortunately it's everyone for themselves in this match.

Yemrez is a wild card though. Her heart and passion to be the best has propelled her to heights no one ever thought she would achieve at all let alone this early in her career. If this were any other match she would be my pick to win but there is no way she's getting passed me. My desire & willpower will overcome her heart and passion.

Oblivious to what's going on around him Tony writes down everything he's thinking.

Wren and Okafor are going to be to beat up after their loses at Gold Rush physically and emotionally, they both had a chance to walk out as champions and both failed. Hell, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they stayed home this week. There's no way either are ready for a match this important after what they've been through.

Tony turns the page as he thinks about the last two men in the match.

I'm going to be honest and say both The Beard and Xander LeBelle are not men I want to face in this match. With LeBelle losing to Blades at Gold Rush his star with Banks will quickly start to lose what little shine is left. Banks can't be very happy so he'll want to prove he can win where it counts. Not to mention with Keaton a favorite to win King for a Day he could challenge for the Elite Openweight Championship while Xander winning would have a shot at bringing the Eurasian belt into their camp. I should expect anything and everything from Vis Imperium in this match. The Beard on the other hand is just not a man I want to fuck with, like ever, for any reason. Here's hoping with their shared history they pay more attention to each other than anyone else.

Tony allows himself a small smile before a depressed look crosses his face as he thinks about the prize for the winner of the match.

And then I get to face either Titus Avison or Tyrone Blades. Both Hall of Famers and two of the best this business has ever seen. The odds of me actually beating either man in a singles match are smaller than an anorexic's dinner choices.

Tony puts the pen down and out of the blue he starts slapping himself in the face like he's psyching himself up for something important as he ignores the people staring at him. After his cheeks are a bright red he finally stops and picks the pen back up.

I NEED TO STOP FUCKING THINKING LIKE THAT! Anyone can be beaten, legend or not. Okafor took Blades' Mayhem Title from him not to long ago. And Wren has proven that Titus can be pinned with his title on the line. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that any person with two hands has a fighting chance.

Tony flips the page and looks back at the list of people he needs to get past to even get to the title match.

I can't get to far ahead of myself though, that's part of what keeps biting me in the ass. It will be tough just getting by all these others that are just as hungry as I am. Not that it's impossible, just not as easy as I would like. I can do this! I can become the next WZCW Eurasian Champion!

With a confident smile that wasn't there before Tony puts his stuff away and walks out of the library.