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But can you not see how that further degrades The Wolverine franchise? There hasn't been one decent "pure action" flick from the past few years that has been taken seriously. Hell, even the "classics" don't really hold up now but their critical acclaim means they'll never be "unpopular."

Wolverine in the comic works fine, it's artwork, the dialogue can be thrown in as inner monologues and it creates the tone for you. That doesn't transfer well into film, if they tried to fully emulate a Wolverine comic onto the silver screen it'd be a long running voiceover and stabbing. It'd be this generations Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. Endless, endless flips and explosions and fight scenes that don't tie in well together or add for much the viewer...much like a CZW COD PPV.

I'm not saying humanise the character, but they need to find a balance between compelling dialogue and plotines to find reason for the violence. And that's all on the writers.

I still think an Old Man Logan story would work if they could get the rights for Hulk and Wolverine to appear on the big screen together. It's an adult storyline with an appropriate amount of action thrown in. Plus blind Hawkeye in the Spider-Buggy

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I like the bit where Jim Cornette talks about attitude and professionalism.