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I read on Zerg that Vin Diesel could be in line to playing Black Bolt in the Inhumans movie (which I could fap my little fanboy heart out to)

Onto Thanos, I marked out like a child when he made his post cameo debut in the credits, if only because my friends aren't comic-book fans. And if he doesn't make an appearance in Avengers 2 then so be it, it sets up nicely for GOTG, and they need that being as it's a mostly unheard of mainstream franchise but they need an established villain*

*I really hope they include Captain Marvell, he was the shit.

They just need a clean, believable way to bring Ultron into the Marvel-movieverse and the rest will write itself. It's getting fans to care about the villain that may stall them. Ultron is, afterall a faceless, hugely powerful machine.

Loki however, was the Chris Jericho of Mavel baddies by the conclusion of Avengers. Sure he got completely annihilated, but he was damn entertaining doing it.

Plus who can argue with a baddie with a slickback? fuck, it's the only reason Billy zane survived the Titanic.

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I like the bit where Jim Cornette talks about attitude and professionalism.