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Why insist on having an Ultron movie without Pym's involvement. For that matter, why bother ever adding in any other genius if Movie Stark is for all intents and purposes the god of the Marvel Movie Universe. Can we please not make Pym an afterthought?
My issue with Hank Pym is that I never saw him as anything other than a plot device for bad shit to happen. If he wasn't beating his wife he was changing his costume every other week for a new set of confusingly written, disproportional powers.

First he can grow tiny and control ants, fair enough, but how is that practically useful in every issue? When you've got a Super Soldier, a giant gamma monster, Tony "you bet I fucked your wife" Stark and The God of Thunder, what use is a dude that can shrink? The same with Wasp really.

At least with the newer Ant-Man it was used for tactical espionage.

Somebody, explain to me why they are wasting time on this? They may as well have Stark invent Ultron, at least it can be his great failure that causes the public to lose faith in Super Heroes and set up a darker sequel. Instead of involving Pym and basically making him the reason for all the bad in the world.

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I like the bit where Jim Cornette talks about attitude and professionalism.