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Looking back, I hate that the LOD ended up in the WWF. I was definitely a fan. This was my first exposure to LOD. What this means is that Demolition came first for me. I will always be a much bigger fan of Demolition. The arrival of LOD marked the end for Demolition. I know people are going to say that Bill Eide was on his way out. But he has said that Vince overreacted to his condition and he could have kept wrestling. Once they dropped the tag team titles to the Hart Foundation, they were pushed to the mid card. I was a huge fan of Demolition so I hated this.

The same can be said for the Powers of Pain. They were broken up 6 months before the arrival of LOD and given ridiculous gimmicks. I read later that they were broken up because they were too much like the LOD.

Was LOD great? OF course they were. I have a great appreciation for what they have meant to professional wrestling. But in the WWF, for me personally, they did more harm than good.