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well everyone is leaning toward Jr, hbk, or triple h. all three good choices but i really think that THE ROCK might surprise us. cause he did say he wanted a non guest host role for the summer and him being GM wouldn't hurt his acting career maybe even improve it cause honestly how many of us actually went and seen a rock movie since get smart which he only had a minor/major role in. and Vince has the money to pay rock alot and i can see the rock saying yes to a non wrestling role that paid good. cause now that the wwe is pg it would do wonders for his pg acting career cause none of his pg movies have not done any good for his acting career and going back to his roots for the summer and going back to acting after summerslam. he would be the best pick out of anyone
i hope next weeks raw ends with michael cole getting an email say can you smell what the new GM is cooking lol
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