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Originally Posted by Muttley View Post
As much as I would like to see it being JR, I wouldn't bet on it. Just based off of JR's blogs before the NXT angle and Bret Hart being named GM, he's said before that he isn't going to be returning to TV anytime soon. Granted, this whole email thing could play into his statement of "not returning to TV anytime soon" but I can't see it being JR.

In my opinion, if there's one thing I've noticed when it comes to WWE and hyping up speculation and trying to hype up surprises, 9 times out of 10, they let me down. Look, no one knew NXT was going to invade that ending of Raw those couple weeks ago, and it was great! One of the more memorable endings they've had in years, because no one saw it coming, at all. Anytime there is hype about an "big announcement" it's never the same caliber of an NXT invading the end of Raw, if that makes sense.

Triple H being the GM just doesn't make much sense. He was attacked and taken out by Sheamus, and him returning as a GM just wouldn't work or make sense.

The Rock would be an extremely entertaining GM, but don't get your hopes up.

HBK? Could happen, but I remember reading that he is very happy with his time off.

Paul Heyman would be a great choice, if TNA was still on Monday nights and WWE wanted to destroy them even more.

I honestly think that it's going to end up being Michael Cole. Cole just draws heat. He's just like Vickie. The poor guy just can't get people to like him. If Cole ends up being the GM, then that could lead to JR coming back to the announce table on Raw...I'm hopeful for at least that.

But I could see this "anonymous email GM" thing going on for a couple more weeks. If King ends up questioning and getting suspicious of the emails and Cole and claiming that's not what it said, then Cole is either the GM or the NXT leader.
Cheers man! I must've missed that update, but I do agree that these "e-mails" could continue for an indefinate amount of time. GM revealed on a PPV maybe? WWE may let us down, but I must say they try their best to push through all of the internal bureaucracy to deliver the best product and keep the employees content.

Could I see Cole? Yes. It would make sense as they were trying to pull him out of the chair and in front of the camera with Bryan, and if there was a direction with Cole with that angle then all of a sudden beginning and applying Cole to this Phantom GM gimmick would save that direction.