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Originally Posted by Kayoh View Post
I'm going out on a limb, but what about Dwayne Johnson? He said before that he'd be working with/for the WWE during the summer, but not as a wrestler, but that he'd still get screen time. Combine all the shitty disney movies he's done and his amazing runs in the Attitude era and you've got somebody who literally appeals to every-fucking-body. It'd be awesome.
Completely forgot about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Definitely a great possibility. Though if NXT1 guys are connected to this new GM than I can't see Dwayne being the mastermind. Somehow just doesn't fit his image nowadays. Plus with a new movie coming up I don't see Dwayne's and the movie's publicist and the movie distributors wanting any heat for its movie or its stars.

Something tells me it may be HHH. It could be a good story, HHH being the mastermind of this whole NXT thing. Thus pitting HHH vs Vince for the control of RAW/WWE. Could be a hot story leading up to the place where it all began, Miami, Florida, at Survivor Series. Could be a good way to writing off Vince's character and thus ushering and cementing this new generation movement.