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Default Book This! Rules *UPDATED 12/11/10 - ALL READ*

Here are the all new Rules for the New Book This forum, some will have stayed the same, however we are tightening up on a lot of other rules… this is a must read for anyone wanting to start a show in this Forum.

General Rules

All of the regular Board Rules apply in this Forum, if you do not abide by said rules then you will start to receive Infractions and eventually be banned for multiple offences. The Board Rules are at the top of Every Forum on the Board so they are not hard to find if you don’t know them I suggest you read them before starting a Fed.

Bumping of Threads is not allowed, if you bump your Thread with anything other than an update (or response to feedback) you will be warned.

If you are caught plagiarizing someone else’s work you will be banned from the Book This Forum permanently.

Promoting your show in other people’s threads will result in an Infraction, basically don’t do it it’s cheap and annoying and you will give yourself a bad name.

Any drafts must be done through the PM System, threads being started in the Lounge or the Main BT Forum for this purpose will be closed and deleted that starter will also face an Infraction.

Posting Shows

If you wish to post a show you should start a Thread with the name of your promotion as the Thread title, you must keep all things relating to your “Fed” in this Thread… all shows, cards, random bits of news etc must be posted in said thread. If you start another thread for the same Fed that thread will be closed and you will receive an Infraction.

All shows should be posted in one post, if they are too large to go into one post they must be posted within a timely manner of each other. This rule is to stop people boosting their post count by posting shows in parts. If you post your shows in parts your thread will be closed and deleted and you will receive an Infraction.

Most people start their Threads off with General Information from their Fed, the roster and any back story they deem necessary for their Fed, we ask that you don’t just list the roster and then leave the thread for days on end, this is a form of spamming and will result in yet another Infraction. You must Post your first show within 48 hours of opening your Thread if you don’t it will be deleted and you will get an Infraction.

Posting of news in Threads is permitted, but it has to have some kind of reason… posting things such as “Wrestler A has been released” will result in a warning for spamming, be a little creative with the news stories.

Reviewing Shows

So you want to give feedback on a show you have just read? Great… however simply posting “That was great/crap/okay etc…” will get you a warning for spamming. The same rule applies here as it does in every other forum Give Reasons, why did you like the show? What was good? What was bad etc… This is not a spam forum and thus should not be treated as such.

OOC Chat

There is a Book This Lounge for a reason, use it to chat Out of Character. The only things that us mods should see in the main Book This Forum should be Your Show, Your PPV'S and Your very first preview about your Rosters, PPV information, Show Information, Current Storyline etc....

**The Rules are Subject to Change at anytime**

Click for Spoiler:
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