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It was a great documentary as it pulled no punches. Flair as seen in the documentary had one of the biggest egos in the business. (not a bad thing, just stating the obvious) He is one of the greatest if not the best wrestler in the ring. His successes and pitfalls demonstrate the price of being the Nature Boy. If anything, I wish ESPN interviewed more people from the NWA/WCW days. I would've thought Vince or Eric Bischoff would have time for an interview though.

I thought the graphics ESPN had was hilarious. Like the graphic with JR and Flair at the bar or Undertaker sharing drinks with Flair in the back of a limo LMAO.

I know a lot of people credit "The Wrestler" that demonstrates pro wrestling life-but there should be a biopic on Ric Flair. Not only will it generate a ton of revenue, I think many fans would like to see it with the right actors, movie producers, with the right mind behind the camera to shoot the movie.

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