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Interesting. It just proves Verne Gagne had a vision of going national before Vince Jr., Crockett, or Watts. He could see that the future of the pro wrestling business was tied into marketing his product to cable TV stations and broadcasting nationally. He sold his product not as a "pro wrestling" territory but rather a pro sports franchise. An experienced front office, a stacked roster, and advertisers lining up to associate themselves with the AWA.

What I found particularly interesting was the quote "only pro football has a growth pattern equal to pro wrestling." Those words would prove prophetic as both pro football and pro wrestling exploded exponentially in the 1980's with WrestleMania and the Super Bowl drawing in millions of fans and laying the foundation for the behemoths that would become the NFL and WWF. Verne saw all this a good two years before McMahon was able to capitalize on this.

What is also found interesting is he marketed his "wrestlers" as "stars". Sound familiar? Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, Jesse Ventura, Tito Santana those guys didn't look like 'rasslers they looked like movie stars. This is one of the first press kits I've seen and they portray the AWA and basically the NFL of pro wrestling. I think they added the MSG and Shea shows just to show how profitable pro wrestling can be.
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