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Originally Posted by Y2eh 2.0 View Post
There really are so many great teams. In order:

- British Bulldogs: The set the trend for the Power guy partnered up with the flier. Their feud with the Hart Foundation had fans in the palm of their hand at a time where singles wrestling was the 'norm'
- Demolition: While some see them simply as a counter programming for WCW/NWA's LOD, these guys went beyond the gimmick to become stars. In the same breathe, however, I would put them as the original Axe and Smash, not with Crush.
- Freebirds: With the Von Erichs in, I think that the next logical step is to put in their heel counter parts. The Freebirds were the original cool heel tag team.
- Rock and Roll Express: One of the original high flier teams that are truly the groundwork for future teams like the Hardys.
- Steiners: Their run in the WWF wasn't great, but their overall time as a team certainly makes them deserving of the HOF.
- Harlem Heat: Based on sheer number of tag titles reigns, you have to figure there will be a place for HH. I was never a huge fan, but I do respect the work that they did in the 90's.
- Natural Disasters: While they seemed to be the early epitome of 'take two guys who we have nothing for and put them together', they took the ball and ran with it. They were 2 agile guys who intimidated fans as heels, but then shortly after, had kids loving them.
- New Age Outlaws: When you consider the concept of Attitude era and the success that existed, you have to remember these 2. The problem with them was the end of their run. The whole feud of who owns the DX name etc really hurt, IMO, their legacy.
- Money Inc: I really think that this has more to do with Rotunda. I know that Barry is getting in as a Horseman, and don't think he needs to go in as US Express as well, since, they are largly, to me, forgettable. Rotunda's run with Dibiase, other than the old Varsity Club, is really what I'd remember him for.
- Bushwackers: great comedy team when WWF wanted the product to be taken as 'serious wrestling'. This was a great example of a team that was able to get over regardless of the belts.
- Killer Bees: Another example of a team that didn't need belts to be over. Fans loved these 2 and their 'old tricks' are still being used today.

Also, now with Flair going in twice, technically, I'd see them throwing in:

- DX: WWE/F's answer to the 4 Horsemen, if you will. They have always been the dominante faction of the E since their inception and have propelled some fairly good names, no?
- Rockers: Given that thei was yet another team that was over even without the tag titles, and that the team gave HBK his start, I could see the E putting them in soon.
- Hart Foundation: See British Bulldogs and Rockers. While the Harts got the straps a couple of times, the main thing here is that every feud they had seemed ultra important, and well, consider that Bret got his start as part of the team, it makes sense.
- NWO: This faction changed the face of wrestling forever. That isn't hyperbole, it is fact. It was THE INVASION angle that worked. Truth be told, not many had before and none will again. Plus, it would get Vince's creation, Hulkamania, acknowledged again, and it would get Hall and Nash in without Hall and nash going in.

I'd obviously like to see the Hardys, Dudleys and E & C go in, but not for a few years. I'd almost want these 3 teams to go in in the same year since they really are a package deal. the matches and feud between them made the Hardys and E&C. The Dudleys had a following prior to the feud but it was the big time for them as well.
I would agree with you on everyone except the Bushwhackers, Money Inc., and the Killer Bees. And I think that the New Age Outlaws should be separate from DX, but I think there's a good chance they all get inducted together. Which would be seriously wrong, IMO but I just see that happening. Good list though! I'm actually kinda surprised you didn't mention Strike Force. I think their more deserving than the 3 aforementioned teams I have doubts about.
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