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My Top 5 Tag Teams of all time are:

1) The Road Warriors/Legion of Doom, they are already in and are the most deserving tag team of the honor, PERIOD! No other team is any where close to as great a dominating team as the RW/LOD were.

2)The Midnight Express (Stan Lane/Bobby Eaton) w/Jim Cornette, this team revolutionized tag team wrestling. They were doing moves 20 years ago that some guys are just getting around to do today. They were so far ahead of their time as a team that it was insane what they were doing back in the 80's.

3) The Steiner Bros, both went to pretty much complete shit when they broke up, well Scott was somewhat entertaining as the Big Bad Booty Daddy, but neither never saw the success as singles that they saw as partners. They were another team that were so innovating as it comes to tag team wrestling. Mixing brawling, high flying, fast paced "wrestling" with great amateur wrestling. Both were legit powerhouse guys that could probably have beaten half the rosters of the promotions they were in in real fights.

4) The Dudley Brothers, I think they have won every single major tag team wrestling title that has ever existed so of course they deserve to be in the HoF. I think their best work was in ECW and when they were feuding with E&C and the Hardy Boyz. The careers for me fell off a bit after that but they were still one of the most over tag teams of all time no matter if they were heel or face or where ever they wrestled.

5) Harlem Heat, these guys were just amazing. They had that special something that you saw just a soon as they appeared on screen. Big strong guys that looked like they could really whoop your ass but just as fast and agile as some of the smaller guys on the roster. Plus Booker has my all time favorite promo line: "Hulk Hogan we comin' for you N****!"

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