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The idiot makes an appearance again.....

You don't remember these short World Title reigns...but Warlord and Barbarian are memorable to you? This is you in a nutshell.
We're talking two different things child. Characters vs WORLD title reigns. His argument was Rick Rude, a memorable character NEEDED a run with the title, to validate him so he could then elevate younger talent. MY argument he didn't need as such as his CHARACTER was enough to do the trick. I pointed out that "transitional runs" (title wins used to transition to babyface champions for your tiny mind) like Iron Sheik's in 1984 or Sgt. Slaughter's in 1991 would not enhance Rick Rude' ability to get over younger talent. It had nothing to to do with memorable CHARACTER'S like Warlord or Barbarian. Two TOTALLY different arguments.

And you wanting a Million Dollar Belt replica doesn't make it a merchandising "gold mine". I wanted a Don Muraco t-shirt that I still think looks cool to this day, but I doubt it was anywhere near the top seller list.
Well considering they continued to sell it for YEARS in the catalogs and live events and the Million Dollar Man was one of the most popular in terms of merchandise I would have to disagree with you. But obviously you are too stupid to realize that.

Also, no one strived to win that belt. Roberts wanted to take it from DiBiase because it meant so much to the latter. The "prestige" of the belt wasn't a goal of his. Don't even say Virgil. This belt was a storyline piece and nothing more. Yes, it looked cool. (Why someone would want a plastic replica of it baffles me, but we all have different tastes) But this belt was never a goal for anyone else, other than wanting to hurt DiBiase by taking what meant the most to him.
Please shut the fuck up with your stupidity. Of course it was storyline piece you fucking mark. Every fucking belt is a "storyline piece". Every "title" is wrapped around a STORYLINE. No one really wins any title LOL. It just added to DiBiase's character. He couldn't win the title so he just created his own. It was a part of a storyline.

And by the way, I guess you missed all those kids with "plastic replica belts" in the crowds during the late' 80's/early '90's. Moron.

Still laughing at those World champs being footnotes and the Powers of Pain being, you are pure entertainment.
Still laughing at your idiocy of confusing two different arguments. You are truly, truly stupid.

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