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No Wasted was not allowing Rude, DiBiase etc to run with the ball as the top people in the company... Rude's most memorable moment, like it or not was his US title run... during that time he made THAT belt mean more than the WWF World title, feuding with Sting, Steamboat and the like...
Again, I fail to see how that is "wasted". Both were main event talent used in main event feuds with the top babyfaces in the company. So "wasted" is debuting in 1987 and immediately getting put in the main event at SummerSlam? "Wasted" is co-main eventing 3 PPV's with the #2 babyface in the company? "Wasted" is having a year-long feud with the WWF Champion? I think ALOT of wrestlers' would love to have been "wasted" if that was the case.

And I'll ask the question again. Who would have DiBiase or Rude supplanted to "run with the ball"? Hogan, Savage, Warrior? We're talking about three of the top draws in WWF history all things considered.

So you're telling me with a straight face that Rude, wrestling in front of a couple thousand people in a dimly-lit arena in WCW was more memorable than him winning the I-C belt at WrestleMania 5? Or wrestling for the World Title in front of 20,000 people in a steel cage match at SummerSlam '90? Damn, what are you smoking dude?!?!

Imagine what the good he could have done if they'd put the strap on him just once instead of Slaughter and kept him in the WWF.. Rude v Bret, Shawn, Perfect, Savage, Davey Boy... Sure most of those guys got over eventually, but having Rude to work against would have elevated them quicker and much stronger, just how he did for Rhodes AND Sting... even though Sting lost that feud, he came out a million bucks.
Not debating any of that but Rude didn't need the World title to have elevated those guys. We knew Rude was one of the best workers in the business. I fail to to see how a "transitional" run with the WWF title of only a couple months would have elevated him to a higher tier than he already was. He was already main event. He was a former I-C champion and had wrestled for the World title. A two month reign like Slaughter had would've done nothing for him in terms of his reputation. The reason for Rude jumping was purely financial it had nothing to do with the World title.

DiBiase the same... the Million Dollar Belt was NOT the same as him being a legit World Champion... had they done so, then that role they gave him of elevating guys would have had infinitely more credibility... but again, they chose to appease The Hulkster.
Again. I fail to see how it would've. He was already a top tier main event guy. Just because he didn't hold the title didn't make people view him as any less of a main event talent. Every feud he was in was given top booking. Dusty Rhodes in 1989, Jake Roberts in 1990, hell even Virgil in '91. He elevated Razor Ramon in '93 with no problem. DiBiase, like Jake and Piper, was one of those guys who didn't need a belt to justify their spot. You just knew they were a big deal.

Like I said, name one thing MEMORABLE about Warlord and Barbarian and you couldn't... I remember them fine but what they did was forgettable and frankly shite... WM7 wasn't memorable for either Davey (who was originally going against Perfect before he got hurt) or Warlord... it was a 4 minute squash.
I just named two feuds with them that culminated in two PPV matches. How is that not memorable? The fact that you admitted you remembered them makes them memorable. And how do you know it wasn't memorable for Davey?!? Did you ask him?? I love how you state opinion as some kind of fact. And where is your reference on Perfect?!? Last I checked Perfect wrestled at WM 7 AND SummerSlam '91.

The proof in the pudding was in the old school WWF magazine, whenever they did an article saying you'd signed an "open contract" it meant you were now officially a jobber... both guys got that honor very quickly into their singles runs.
As I said. They served their purpose. Were they going to be World title contenders? No but the WWF needed big, muscular, and powerful heels to work with their big, powerful babyfaces so splitting the Warlord and Barbarian only made sense. You can all them "jobbers" if you want too but in the grand scheme of things they served their purpose which was to feud with the WWF's bigger babyfaces.

Marty Janetty gets a lot of shit but at least he won titles.. Warlord never won FA...because he was awful.
Again, opinion. Warlord had a distinct look. Again. Warlord was the type of wrestler who didn't need a title to make people go "Wow"! The guy was a legit 330 pounds of pure muscle. Wrestlers' have their roles. Not everyone is going to be a World Champion or main event but each wrestler has their role to play and Rude, DiBiase, Barbarian. Warlord whomever all played their role.

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