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Was Judge Kathleen McHugh too harsh here, or does the punishment fit the crime here?

I saw the video of the court proceeding. He slapped his lawyer on his butt. And the courtroom laughed. She felt that Chad was the one to be held accountable for the laughter of her bailiffs or the lawyers or whoever was in the courtroom. I completely disagree with that. She should have cautioned him and the told the people within the court, many of whom were essentially people she worked with in that courtroom to be silent. 30 days was ridiculous over kill.

Do you believe, based on the case, that the judge sentenced Johnson as a means of 'punishment' for his assault on his wife, or is this more along the lines of punishment for his courtroom behavior only?

It was due to the slap on his lawyer's ass, which is ridiculous. Now when we talk about his issue with his wife, let's deal with a few things here. Domestic violence is a serious issue, which affects far too many women in the world. Too many women are being killed by men they know and it is a very serious issue. I was raised not to hit a woman. I never have.

What I see now, as a person who has been in a few relationships and seen other peoples is the level of disrespect that some women show men. The utter hatred a lot of women show men. I have also seen a number of women who seem to think that they don't have to exercise the same level of self control when they get angry and are assaulting men with their hands, feet, nails and/or hurling anything that isn't nailed down. If a man grabs a woman by the arm to remove her from his home after being assaulted, he's arrested. These women actually believe they have a right to hit men and these women seem to be surprised when they experience consequences for their actions. If he pushes her off him when she is jumping on him, he gets arrested. The laws don't address the fact that women are just guilty of starting domestic violence as men are. Nor does it in most states deal with these women with any real severity or help men who are trying to avoid being physical in return. Having seen vids of this wife on Black Housewives, she appears to be a kind of woman who lacks self control and loves to resort to violence against others. I can't say that Chad just beat her up, (what did he actually do ? what were her injuries ?) or that she didn't contribute to the incident, physically, and isn't somewhat (if not fully) responsible for the incident occuring.

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