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Originally Posted by General Disarray View Post
Once again, great to see the incorrect choice from my opponents that get to choose before me. To me, there is no question that the World Cup is the much more meaningful event.

Let's start out by showing how some of young Bradley's points aren't as good as my points.
I look forward to it but I feel you're just playing devil's advocate here.

There may have been 200+ countries represented in the Olympics, but of those, 118 did not win a single medal and 75% of countries won no more than 2. Sure, a lot of countires may be represented, but most of them make no impact at all. I mean just because someone from Moldova wins a bronze in the discus does that really equate to something meaningful?
118 countries won a medal. 118 countries have someone they can look up to. 118 countries having a sporting hero from the Olympics. When will you see a team like Azerbaijan or Mongolia be able to achieve anything like winning the World Cup? Not likely to be anytime soon but the Olympics allow for the opportunity - hence why the Olympics means more to the world.

You also mention that soccer is arguably the world's biggest sport, which is false. There is no argument. It is the world's biggest sport without question. Having one of the best sport out there is far more meaningful than having a bench of sports that most people don't care about like rowing or synchronized swimming.
The world's biggest sport - yes. However, football is on offer at the Olympics, just in a more watered down version that bar a couple players, they have to be under-23. This is how football and FIFA try to make themselves bigger than the Olympics. If I'm right, FIFA aren't very welcoming towards the IOC because the footballing event at the Olympics encroaches upon the World Cup. It's fair to say that football at the Olympics clashes with contemporary football because you won't see a team like England in the Olympics because they compete under Great Britain - which is where some of FIFA's disdain comes into it.

"But the Olympics has so much history!", some may say. Who cares? It really doesn't matter to me or anyone else that the Greeks started doing something hundreds or years ago while the World Cup is more recent. That'd be like arguing black and white TV is better than color because it's older. Just a silly argument.
This said - the Olympics in it's current format only began in 1896 in Athens. 34 years difference which is almost insignificant in the overall predicted timeline of this planet.

Overall, while the World Cup may be defined by only 1 sport, it is the biggest and best. The event is so huge that many Americans, even those such as myself who are barely casual soccer fans, become glued to the action. Off the top of your head, who won the last 2 Olympics? I'm sure you don't know. What about the World Cup? Did it take you more than 2 seconds to think of Spain and Italy?

Bottomline, quality over quantity. There is much more quality (soccer announcer pun) in the World Cup.
The World Cup is a major event but it doesn't mean as much to the world as the Olympics does - and that's what the debate clearly outlines. What means more? And by far it has to be the Olympics otherwise you wouldn't see such furore over the amount of spending or in Britain's case cuts made to Olympic based spending.

By the way the 'winners' of the Olympics -
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