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The camera pans around the arena and a video package promoting the upcoming pay-per-view event comes to an end. The crowd cheers, showing their excitement, and the camera now focuses on the announce table. The announcers are prepared to discuss the event when a loud cheer echoes from a far-off section of the arena.

The camera scans the arena and finds a man forcing his way through the crowd. Security tries to stop him but the man shoves them to the side and jumps the barricade. He grabs a microphone and rolls under the bottom rope of the ring, throwing his head up and the camera gets a clear shot of him.

Cooper: Garth, you gutless son of bitch! Get your ass out here right now. You said Meltdown was the place to be and I’m standing right here. Come on!

The World Champion has a wild look in his eyes and turns towards the entrance ramp. Nothing happens, the crowd begin to chant his name and Cooper speaks to the arena whilst turning.

Cooper: I don’t think he heard me. Can you guys help me out? Can we get a “Garth Sucks” chant going? Let me hear you!


Still nothing. The entrance ramp is free of any movement and Cooper is getting frustrated inside the ring. He begins to scan the arena, noticing that the security team is regrouping around ringside.

Cooper: I don’t know how much longer I’ve got. I’m not cleared to compete tonight but I’ll be damned if some official is going to stop me from showing on wherever the hell I want. I want my damn belt back and I’ll run through everybody to get it back.

Loud cheer from the crowd. Cooper takes a few steps back and climbs the far-right turnbuckle, facing the entrance ramp he yells.

Cooper: Get out here you coward! I whooped your ass three times, let me do it for a fourth time. You wear that belt like you’re a champion but you don’t have the balls to step out here and face me. You are and forever will be my bitch, Garth. You hear me? You are my bitch boy!

The crowd cheers again as Cooper steps down off the turnbuckle. He runs his hand through his hair and is very frustrated. Cooper shakes his head in disbelief that Black has refused to answer the call after promising to be here tonight. Suddenly, the titantron lights up and Garth Black appears on the screen... on a boat with beers surrounding him and various party guests in the background. Huge heat from the crowd, boos washing over the arena, as Black adjusts his sunglasses. Yes, Garth Black is wearing sunglasses at night time.

Black: I guess you’ve finally showed up. I’ve been waiting for you, Justin. Where have you been? Ah, I don’t care. I can’t believe you actually thought I’d be there. Me, the rightful World Champion just show up on Meltdown. Unlike you I have better things to do than parade around for those idiots sitting in the arena.

Mega heat from the crowd but Black just laughs and takes a sip of his beer. The crown jewel is unseen until this point when Black reaches out of camera and pulls the World Championship over and onto his lap.

Black: Such a pretty thing and I’ve taken loving care of it. Since it’ll be mine in just a matter of days. I’ve cleaned the leather, shined the gold, made the jewels sparkle, rest assured that I’ve done an excellent job maintaining the beauty of this title.

In the arena, Cooper is going red just standing and listening to his rival. His most prized possession being shown on the big screen, out of his reach, is infuriating to Cooper.

Black: Except for one little bit.

Garth glides his finger down the title belt until he reaches the nameplate. Scratched heavily, like someone attacked it with a blade, the nameplate is barely readable anymore. The name ‘Justin Cooper’ nearly completely removed with only a hint still surviving.

Black: An accident of course. Must’ve happened during my travel. Fear not, once I defeat you on Sunday I’ll have the nameplate restored to the condition it should be. I’ll have your name permanently scratched away and my forever stamped in the history books!

Another laugh from Black as he takes a long sip of his beer before throwing the bottle in the ocean with a splash.

Black: I’ve manipulated you like a puppet, Justin. I told you to show up on Meltdown and you did. I am the one in control now. Three wins means nothing anymore because I have the power to make you bend to my will. I am in control now and you are my puppet. I pull the strings and I’ll make you dance just for laughs. I’ll slap you down time after time just to make myself laugh before putting you down for the final ten count. I am the puppet master now, Justin.

The camera shows Justin in the arena and he rolls his eyes.

Cooper: You might be the puppet master but you’re still dull as a woodshed, mate. Look, I don’t know where you are but I’m standing in the middle of this ring waiting with closed fists to kick your ass tonight. How about you do us all a favour and put that tail between your legs and scurry over here and we give these people a fight to remember?

A thunderous ovation from the audience but Garth Black is less excited about the idea. He shakes his head and slaps the World Title; a smirk comes across his face afterwards.

Black: I don’t answer to you or anyone at WZCW. I do what I want and I’m not feeling like coming to Meltdown. No, in fact I’ll be spending my night here on this boat relaxing as a World Champion does. If you want to come find me you’ll have to wait until Ascension when I dismantle that ignorant little fool, Vee. Thinking he could’ve beat you last week without my help or that he can even compete against me. I suggest you watch what I do on Ascension, watch as I break Vee and stand over him for a count of ten. It’ll be a preview of the beating coming your way this Sunday. See you then, Justin.

The feed cuts out and focuses back on Justin Cooper in the ring. Security has surrounded the ring and officials begin ordering Justin away since he is not cleared to compete. With the crowd chanting his name, a look of disappointment remains on his face as once again he is without his most prized possession and the title he fought so long to hold.

Copeland: A frustrating encounter between Justin Cooper and Garth Black. All week we’ve been building to this confrontation and it turns out that Black never had any intention of being in the building. A cowardly act to say the least.

Cohen: Nonsense, Seabass! Garth was testing to see how easily he could control Justin and it worked perfectly. Justin is being played and he is going to let his anger get the best of him which will allow Black to defeat him this Sunday. I’m telling you it’s a brilliant plan.

Cooper exits the ring and makes his way up the ring, security surrounding him and the thought of Garth Black firmly in his mind.