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For the second time tonight, Flex Mussel emerges at the top of the stage and makes his way down to the ring. He walks with a sense of authority, ignoring the fans and heading straight for the ringside crew where he rips a microphone from the hands of a young female crew member.

Copeland: What does he want? Haven’t we already seen him tonight?

Cohen: Don’t hate, Seabass. Flex Mussel is one of the best wrestlers in the world and he’s about to share his wisdom with us. You could learn a thing or two. Listen up!

Flex climbs the steel steps and enters the ring, the crowd booing him loudly. The atmosphere is thick with loathing and Flex feels it, holding his head high and soaking in all the hatred from the audience.

Mussel: Keep booing me, fatties. It’ll be the most exercise you people get all year. Unless you count running from responsibility, jumping to conclusions or eating. Philly is full of fatties who love to eat those cheesesteaks. Disgusting things and it’s no surprise I can’t tell the women from the dogs at the local shelter.

Another rush of boos from the crowd and this time Flex reacts, his eyes go wide.

Mussel: Touch a nerve, did I? I’m surprised you people can still feel anything considering how fat you all are. Look at you. Pigs!

After amusing himself and irritating the crowd, Flex steps forward and begins to pace around the ring.

Mussel: I did not come out here tonight to talk about you. No, I’d have a cheeseburger before I voluntarily spent my night talking to you people. I came out here for a much more important reason. I came out here to talk about me! The biggest travesty in the entire world is occurring right now, people all over the world are freaking out about it, the United Nations are holding meetings and President François Hollande is seeking to deliver an executive order any day now.

A dramatic pause is taken by Flex. He rubs his head and looks up.

Mussel: I am of course speaking about the exclusion of Flex Mussel from the World Championship contest at Apocalypse. A grave miscarriage of justice and one that must be fixed. For the integrity of this company it is only fitting that I, Flex Mussel, be added to the match immediately. I defeated Justin Cooper before Kingdom Come and I beat Garth Black, along with former World Champion Mikey Stormrage, just last week.

With his right hand Flex holds up three fingers and raises his voice.

Mussel: I have beaten the last THREE World Champions! Do you know that Garth Black is 0-3 against Justin Cooper? I’ve never lost to Justin. I beat him just over a month ago and yet I’ve been discriminated against!

The crowd boos again and Flex leans over the top rope as he shouts.

Mussel: Garth Black doesn’t deserve the shot more than I. Nobody in this damn company deserves the title shot more than Flex Mussel. I’ve beaten everybody. No matter who has been put in my way. Who is there that can compete with me? I’ve been left off the pay-per-view card like some jobber. Discriminated against and disrespected when I should be in the main event. Who is there? Who dares say they can compete with me and that they deserve a World Title shot more than I?

Whiplash may have occurred in the ring as Flex whips his head around in an instant when the music hits. He begins grind his teeth as the roar of the crowd takes over when Eve Taylor walks onto the stage. She has a microphone in hand and signals for the music to be cut off. Inside the ring, Flex is pacing back and forth even before Eve says a word he looks furious. She smiles, waves to the crowd and raises the microphone.

Taylor: You sound like a spoilt child, Flex. First you abuse Becky on Ascension last week for a decision that wasn’t entirely on her and now you rant against the fans. What did they do to you? You seem angry. Are you angry, Flex? Is it little man syndrome? If it is, I get it. You act tough on television because secretly, behind closed doors, little Flex Mussel is just as insecure as the people he makes fun of.

Mussel: What do I have to do to get you out of my life? Go away! I’m finished with you. Cerberus is dead. I sick of you and being linked to something that died over a year ago.

On the stage, Eve places a hand over her heart.

Taylor: I’m hurt. You don’t share the same love as I do for our time together. How will I survive?

The crowd laughs as Eve pretends to wipe tears from her eyes.

Taylor: Believe me, you’re not the only one who has no wish for any Cerberus reunion. I’m not out here to join up with you or to have a friendly chat. What I want is rather simple and I’ll be upfront about it. I want the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship. That is what I want more than anything, Flex.

Mussel: Well get in line.

Taylor: Oh, I’m in line so to speak and I like to believe that I’m right near the top. I’ve done rather well for myself lately and I would love a rematch against Justin Cooper or Garth Black with the title on the line. Would you people like to see me challenge for the World Championship?

A loud cheer echoes throughout the arena.

Taylor: Unlike you I actually have people who want to see me succeed. Now, I can’t lie, you have been very successful lately and just like me you’re right at the apex. You and I are battling for that next spot. However, history states that I get the first spot over you. I beat you once at Kingdom Come and that makes me the next challenger. No matter who walks out of Sunday as World Champion they’ll have to deal with me.

Flex has nearly gone red with rage; his face is shaking.

Mussel: You’re next? In what messed up world are you next? I’m next, damn it!

Taylor: How about we ask the fans? Do you want to see Flex Mussel compete for the World Championship?

Boo! The crowd rejects it and Flex is losing it inside the ring, stomping all over the place.

Taylor: Or would you rather see... I dunno... me become World Champion?

Huge cheer from the crowd and Eve smiles.

Taylor: I think it’s pretty clear who they want to see in that spot and they do pay the bills. It’s the fans who have the greatest influence and Flex I think you might be out of luck. It’s a rough business but hey, look on the bright side, at least you can say you worked hard and never gave up. You know what, once I win the title I’ll even let you take a picture with it. Not actually hold it though... I wouldn’t want fingers on it or anything.

Mussel: It’s easy to talk all that nonsense from up there. You afraid, Eve? Come down here and say that!

Without hesitation Eve Taylor begins walking down the ramp and towards the ring. The crowd rises and chants her name as Eve climbs through the second rope and gets right up in the face of Flex Mussel. Both are trash talking and are standing their ground.

Taylor: I’m next. You’re a never was.

It looks like punches are about to be thrown until...

The fans turn their attention to the entrance ramp where Vance Bateman, the General Manager of Meltdown, hobbles out onto the stage. He gives a reluctant smile and raises his left hand as he talks.

Bateman: Calm down. Both of you need to relax. None of this need get out of hand.

The fans are intrigued as are Eve and Flex.

Bateman: Both of you have performed at an extremely high level as of late and as a result we at WZCW have taken notice.

He pauses.

Bateman: As a result, Flex Mussel will face Eve Taylor at Apocalypse where the winner will be named as the number one contender for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship!

Most of the time that would be the end of it and Bateman believes so as he leaves through the curtain. Inside the ring however neither Flex nor Eve has backed down. They are inches from each other and the crowd wait for the next sequence in this encounter. They have their confirmed date, a match with the winner facing the World Champion at a later date.

Taylor: Nervous?

Mussel: No.

She smiles.

Taylor: You should be.

Mussel: You shouldn’t even be in this position. You don’t deserve it half as much as I do. I’ve been waiting so long for this and yet here you are to try and steal what is mine.

Taylor: Afraid of the challenge, are we?


Flex throws his head back and almost laughed at the notion. His voice echoing throughout the arena as he turned back to face Eve.

Mussel: You think you’re a challenge to me? Listen here you stupid, stupid, girl. I see no challenge before me. I don’t think your some tough competitor because I know better. I know better than all these idiots in this building who buy into this fable that you’re deserving of a World Championship opportunity. Hell, some of these idiots have the nerve, the disrespect, to sit there and say you deserve it more than me.

The crowd cheers and begins to chant ‘Eve’ and this only infuriates Flex further.

Mussel: Well you don’t! You never did. Nobody deserves it more than me. I’ve waited long enough for my shot and I’m sick of waiting. I’m sick of sitting on my hands like some child in timeout waiting to be allowed to play again. No more! You don’t deserve this more than me, Eve. You never did. You’ve been paraded around like you were the leader of Cerberus but you and I know the truth of it.

Flex and Eve lock eyes as Mussel slowly approaches. Eve refuses to move an inch as he gets closer, raising his arm up in the air.

Mussel: Cerberus took this company to new heights. Not on your leadership but on mine! It was Flex Mussel who broke records, holding the tag titles for the longest time and defending them over and over again. I did it all the while carrying a man who is so inept that he’s now a damn cripple!

A wave of boos rush the ring but Flex ignores them and continues on.

Mussel: You were stuck as a mediocre diva before Cerberus rose to the top. Without Cerberus you’d be nothing! You didn’t make Cerberus, Cerberus made you and I was the leader. I carried that team on my back. I broke records. There was never three heads. It was always one and you’re looking at him! I was the head of Cerberus and without me you’d be NOTHING!

Eve just shakes her head. Flex raises an eyebrow and laughs.

Mussel: As arrogant as always, Eve. We will see how arrogant you are at Apocalypse when I kill this little fable you’ve let grow. Just like Showtime, Slaughter and Tastic found out, I bring so called ‘legends’ crashing back down to earth. I’ll prove once and for all that I was the only head of Cerberus and that you were nothing more than the tits and ass of Cerberus.

Before even Eve can react Flex moves forward and gets right in her face. They go forehead to forehead and Flex raises the microphone and yells at the top of his lungs, full of venom and pure hatred for Eve.

Mussel: You should be on your hands and knees, girl. You should be thanking me that you have gotten so much attention and love from these fools. Yet here you are trying to take what I EARNED! I am the next World Champion, not you. I AM CERBERUS! Without me that group was nothing. If you were a real woman, someone who knew her place, you’d move aside and let me claim what I DESERVE! You hear me, huh? I made you! STEP ASIDE YOU UNGRATEFUL BITCH!

Eve punches Flex right in the face and sends the microphone flying. They go to the ground as Taylor tackles the fittest man on earth and is hammering away with strikes. Flex struggles free and escapes through the bottom rope, hurrying away and up the entrance ramp while Eve screams at him to get back in the ring. He places a hand on his face and feels the warm oozing of blood from his nose. The duo stare each other down as we cut to commercial.