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GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...GET THESE HANDS! is going to make some noise in the Royal Rumble...

Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall!

As the familiar chords of Flex's entrance theme begin playing through the arena, it is immediately greeted by a huge wave of booing from the assembled fans. They are already on their feet and booing as he makes his way through the curtain with a sly and smarmy look upon his face. He stops on the stage for a moment, sucking in the hatred from the fans and loving every moment of it. He nonchalantly takes a sip from his protein shake and begins walking down the ramp.

Harrys: Introducing first from Paris, France, weighing 220 pounds, Flex MussÚl!

Copeland: Here is a man who has set everyone on notice in WZCW lately, Jack. Since seemingly retiring Matt Tastic as Kingdom Come, he has set about propelling himself to the top of the card. Wins over former World Champions has put Flex Mussel into a whole new level of arrogance too.

Cohen: He's got every right to be arrogant, Seabass. Matt Tastic, Mikey Stormrage and Garth Black have all fallen to Flex Mussel in recent weeks and months. If he doesn't get his shot at the Heavyweight Championship soon then it's a damn travesty.

Flex continues making his way down the ramp, rolling his eyes at the fans who give him abuse or who want to touch him. He continues down the ramp until he reaches the ring and mounts the steps. He takes one final sip of his protein shake before tossing the bottle into the fans and soaking them mercilessly. He smiles widely as the outrage deepens and the lights go out again.

Suddenly, the hatred from the fans soon turns to a warm reception for The Son of Boston. The tron spells out the name L-O-G-A-N as the beat continues to set the hairs on the arms of the fans on end. After a few more seconds of waiting, Logan finally makes his way out onto the stage for a thunderous reception from the assembled masses. He offers them a massive smile and a small wave before heading down the ramp, Mr Goldman walking behind him intently.

Harrys: And his opponent, accompanied by Mr Goldman... Weighing in at 275 pounds... The Son of Boston, Logan McAllister!!

Copeland: What a reaction for Logan here tonight. Who, for the record, remains a firm fan favourite despite falling on hard times recently. The no-show at Kingdom Come might have really shaken the confidence of the Son of Boston. But a win over Flex Mussel would certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons once more.

Cohen: This guy? I doubt it! Logan is struggling for confidence and for wins. And now he goes up against someone who is taking this company by storm? There is only going to be one winner in this match and he drinks protein shakes on the way to the ring! Logan will be lucky to make it out of this match alive if current form is anything to go by.

Logan finishes his descent down the ramp until he reaches the ring. He gives Flex a stoic look from outside the ring before rushing up the steps and into the ring. The fans offer him another warm reception as he mounts the turn-buckle and does his signature taunt. He drops to the canvas and looks intently at the challenger that faces him on the other side of the ring.


As the bell rings, both men stare through each other – daring the other one to make the first move. The fans are on their feet in anticipation of the match that is about to come and the tension between the competitors is palpable. McAllister begins circling the ring but Flex doesn't seem to be interested in making the same move. Suddenly, Flex rushes McAllister and nails him with a swift knee to the gut. McAllister hits the canvas for the first time in the match as Flex stands over him with a look of determination on his face. Grabbing McAllister by the hair, Flex pulls him back to his feet and nails him with a few stiff punches – backing him up into the corner and absorbing some of the hate from the fans as he does. Once in the corner, Flex nails his opponent with a crushing back elbow to the jaw that sends him recoiling out of the corner. Flex lies in wait as McAllister tries to regain his senses. One the right time arrives, Flex pounces – nailing McAllister with a punishing reverse DDT that takes both men down. Flex immediately covers McAllister for the first pin fall of the match but the referee is no sooner on his knees and counting the fall than McAllister manages to get his shoulders off the mat. Mr Goldman jumps in the air as Logan's shoulder comes off the mat, an expression of sheer relief on his features.

Cohen: An amazing start right out of the blocks for Flex. He has certainly shown us lately that he can mix it with the best there is and tonight looks to be another great performance.

Copeland: No doubt about it, Jack, Flex has been on fire so far tonight. He looks fiercely focussed and is really putting the screws to McAllister early on in this match. McAllister is going to have to find his feet in this match, and fast, if he is to stand any chance at all.

Flex looks absolutely raging with the actions of his opponent and immediately tries to continue his advantage. He pulls McAllister to his feet and immediately backs him into the ropes. Flex nails him with a few chops to the chest and then whips him across the ring. McAllister hits the far ropes and rebounds towards his opponent. But Flex's chances of making his advantage count more are put on hold as McAllister fires back, launching himself through the air and catching Flex with a beautiful flying shoulder block. The crowd comes to life as the playing field is levelled beautifully. McAllister gets to his feet and looks around the baying audience, drawing in their support and using it to spur him on. He hits the ropes one more time as Flex gets to his feet. Once more, he tosses himself through the air and nails Flex with another beautiful shocker block. McAllister fires back to his feet and immediately drops a stunning leg drop across the throat of his opponent. The crowd come alive as McAllister goes for the cover and the end of this match. Mr Goldman yells encouragement for him from outside of the ring as the fans get to their feet. But, similar to before, he is only able to catch a count of 1 before his opponent powers out. McAllister knows that he has to make his advantage count, now that he has levelled this match and immediately begins pounding away on his opponent, nailing him with a few right hands to the jaw as he lies on the canvas. Flex absorbs a few punches before finding the ropes and rolling under them to exit the ring.

Copeland: It looks as though Flex needs a quick break to get this thoughts together in this match. And you can see why, McAllister has been red hot since getting the wake up call in the form of that early pin fall attempt.

Cohen: This is something that only the best of the best can get away with or have the ring presence to know about, Seabass. If things aren't going you way, you get the hell out of there and derail the momentum of your opponent. Flex continues to show his veteran instincts and you have to give him some credit for that.

The crowd give Flex a piece of their mind but it is for naught as he continues to pace around the ring, staring a hole through McAllister. After a few seconds of pacing, Flex knows that he needs to get back into this match. He steadies himself with a deep breath in before rolling under the bottom rope and getting back into the ring. No sooner has he accomplished this feat than McAllister is on him, landing clubbing blows to his back and head. Somehow, however, Flex is able to absorb the blows and manages to find his way back to a vertical basis. In the middle of the ring, the two men fight for supremacy – exchanging right hands as the fans boo and cheer with every single shot. It is McAllister who manages to get the better of the exchange, albeit surprisingly. Flex throws one final desperate punch towards his opponent but McAllister manages to duck underneath his flailing arm and get his back. Almost immediately, McAllister locks his arms around the waist of Flex and punishes him for his mistake with a beautiful German suplex that sends his shooting across the ring. Flex clutches at the back of his head as he gets back to his knees. But McAllister is not finished with him by a long shot. McAllister gets to his feet quickly and runs at Flex, nailing him with a running knee right to the side of his head and sending him crumbling to the canvas one more time. McAllister wastes no time in going for the pin fall. But he is only able to pick up a 2 count at this time of asking as the match rumbles on!

Goldman: Stay on him, Logan! Stay on him!!

Copeland: What a turn around we have seen in this match, folks! Flex came out of the blocks like a greyhound but all of his early momentum has been put on hold as McAllister really begins taking control of this match. If Flex doesn't get back in this match soon, we could see this one in the books.

Cohen: Please, Seabass! Let's give Flex a little bit of credit. He controlled this match in the beginning and it has been turned on it's head. He has all of the skills to turn this match back in his favour and you would be doing him a massive favour by writing off his chances of doing so.

McAllister knows this his opportunity to claim victory in this match is not far away and he knows that he needs to follow up on his whirlwind offensive. McAllister gets back to his feet and begins stomping away on Flex viciously. With every boot that falls onto the torso of The Son of Boston, the fans come even more out of their seats. After a few more stomps, McAllister wheels away, looking for inspiration on ways to put this match beyond the control of his opponent. McAllister makes his way back to the broken body of his opponent and begins picking him up until he is back on his unsteady feet. The Healthiest Man Alive looks in the eyes of his weary opponent before hoisting him into position for the brainbuster. But, somehow, Flex manages to find the will to begin wriggling free of the hold. McAllister tries his best to execute the move but, before he can help it, Flex manages to wriggle free and falls to his knees on the canvas. McAllister tries to reclaim the advantage by grabbing Flex in a headlock – perhaps even looking for the DDT. But the desperation in the actions of Flex is plain for everyone to see. He manages to twist the arm of McAllister and pull him towards his frame, eventually nailing him with a stunning belly to belly suplex that plants McAllister perfectly to the canvas. The fans are stunned at what they are seeing but they are powerless to help The Healthiest Man Alive. Flex quickly goes for the pin as the fans quickly get to their feet. The referee counts the fall! 1... 2... Kick out by McAllister with no time to spare at all!

Copeland: Wow! That belly to belly was full of impact but the fight in McAllister is obvious for everyone to see. This match continues and, given the way it has gone so far, who knows what way the momentum is going to swing.

Cohen: I can tell you this, Seabass, Flex seems to be right at home in a match like this. You may not like him but you can't argue with the level of heart he has, or the level of fight that he continually shows.

Flex sits up from the cover attempt and slaps his hands on the canvas in frustration; a look of rage and disgust creeping it's way across his features and giving an insight into his true feelings. Getting to his feet, Flexpaces across the canvas, trying to calm himself and come to terms with a way of putting this match to bed. As McAllister begins getting up, Flex finally settles into the corner of the ring. He lies in wait, just waiting for the moment that McAllister reclaims his vertical base. As McAllister finally gets to his feet and turns around, Flex runs at him, looking to nail him with a running big boot. But McAllister manages to duck under the flailing leg as the crowd get out of their seats once more in anticipation. As Flex's feet land on the canvas once more, McAllister grabs him and immediately nails him with a stunning German suplex. The fans are on their feet! It looks as though McAllister is looking to nail Flex with the Boston Suplex Party! The first suplex connects beautifully as Logan keeps his hands wrapped around the waist of his opponent. Logan struggles to pull Flex back to his feet but, somehow, manages it on weary legs. For the second time, he nails Flex with the German and keeps his hands wrapped. On the face of Flex, a dreamy glaze crosses his eyes as he is pulled back to his feet one more time. But as McAllister looks to finish off the move, Flex manages to grab the top rope. McAllister hoists at his opponent with all of his might but Flex manages to hold on. The referee urges McAllister to let go of the hold because of the rope break but it falls on deaf ears. He tries to get in between the two men to split it up but, as he does, Flex raises his foot backwards in a kicking motion, catching his opponent with the low blow! McAllister wheels away in sheer pain as Flex turns around to him. Logan staggers towards Flex but is immediately nailed with FLEXICUTION!! Flex covers his opponent for the 1... 2... 3!

Cohen: And that is that, Seabass! Didn't I tell you that Flex would be the winner?

Copeland: You sure did Jack. But take nothing away from Logan McAllister here tonight. He was right up against it from the off and handled himself like the champion he is. Flex was just too sly for him tonight. That low blow really changed the match.

Cohen: What low blow? Come on, Seabass! That's slanderous!

Flex immediately rolls out the ring to a chorus of abuse from the fans and starts up the ramp. He raises his arms in celebration as Logan stares at him from the canvas, knowing that he had him where he wanted him before it all slipped away. He is soon joined in the middle of the ring by his disappointed manager. Logan shakes his head towards Goldman but there is nothing either of them can do to change the outcome.

Reinstate The Fox!

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