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Originally Posted by TheOneBigWill View Post
JMT, Edge can quite possibly reverse or simply out-move over half of the moves in that Top Ten.
And you think Misawa can't do the exact same to Edge's moveset, which isn't even half as diverse as his own? Think again.

He had a Tope Elbow that seemingly took him forever to rush from one side of the ring to the other. Edge isn't going to just stand outside and wait for him to dive at him, hes likely quicker than the opponent in that video. A quick side-step and Misawa is going face first into the guardrail/ringside.
Even in his 40s Misawa still had more agility and speed than Edge has ever had in his career Will. We're talking about Tiger Mask II here, regarded as many as the best of them all. Surely you know the legacy of Tiger Mask, right? Edge doesn't have even 1/10th of the achievements that Misawa had in a junior heavyweight division, and when he bulked up to the heavyweight division he retained that agility and speed. Guy was 40+ years old, doing moonsaults onto concrete. Edge would attempt that and break his neck for the 14th time these days. Nothing against Edge, I love the guy, but he's easily injured and he hasn't faced an opponent like Misawa EVER in his entire career because he's spent his entire career in the WWE, where the strong style simply isn't wrestled. Edge doesn't know what he's in for here, and he's going to lose.

He had a couple elbow smash/roaring elbow smash moves. Both of which are easily counter-able for someone with Edge's quickness, and also nicely set-up for Edge to bounce off the opposite ropes and hit Misawa with a spear. And as far as the above comments you made about it being the weakest.. well weak or not its pinned Superstars vastly superior and greater than Misawa's, shoulders to the mat.. so it must have something going for it.
Name one "vastly superior" wrestler than Misawa who Edge has defeated. Name a single one please.

I'm just going to stop here because I can already tell we're going into another war of the word forts and you already have TDigs and JMT doing line-by-line responses, so I'll just keep it to those couple of brief points I just made for now.

Now...stop your trolling mister.
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Women crying with blood all over them. Just how I like them.