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Originally Posted by WWEWrestleFest View Post
By the way, how do you make the choice on the poll "Wolfpac 4 ever!!" and not "Wolfpac 4 Life"
Wolfpac 4 ever was the one up that konnan used to do to the black n white;

yo yo yo them fools in the black and white be talking about they fo life but the wolfpack somos lunos vatos locos foooor everrrr
- k dogg


and I always thought that the Wolfpac was a sound, logical fantastic idea and the times that they did do gang warfare was off the charts entertaining but they didn't go all the way with it. It should have lead up to a big blow out in a War Games match Hollywood vs Wolfpac loser disbands with the Wolfpac winning and becoming the cool face group in the same vein as the DX Army only with the rap edge to it that they had going on. Also Luger and Sting should've never been a part of the group; those spots should've been used to bring mid card talent to the fore front namely Booker T and Rey Mysterio maybe Buff Bagwell also as a manager/enforcer type due to his injury. Also Scott Hall should've never been with Hogan. Ever.

Wolfpac roster:

Booker T
Rey Mysterio
Buff Bagwell

Hollywood roster:

Big Poppa Pump
Curt Hennig
Rick Rude
Brian Adams
Scott Norton
The Disciple

gang warfare until Fall Brawl; winner take all War Games




Wolfpac wins; Hollywood splits.

Giant remains with Hogan as a bodyguard, Bischoff remains with Hogan as political clout, Hollywood gets into a proper feud with Bret Hart and loses to him at Starrcade.

Grunge vs Rap; The Wolfpac feuds with the Flock making them into stars; Hall/Nash face Raven/Saturn at Starrcade.

Vincent and the Disciple disappear, Norton and Adams form a successful bruiser tag team, Hennig and Windham also form a team managed by Rude

Steiner goes crazy without Hogan holding his leash and beats up everybody and wins World War 3 and the World Title match against Goldberg at Starrcade

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