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BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...BEAT THAT ***** ASS is looking to come up from OCW...

(WWE World Heavyweight Championship) Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar /w/ Paul Heyman- The story here is simple Roman is the dominate heel champion. He beats AJ Styles at Payback with help from the #GB4Life and Finn Balor. He then moves on to face Styles and Balor in a Triple Threat at Extreme Rules and retains the title with the two mainly focused on each other. The next night he cuts a heel promo on how there is no competition for him and how nobody can beat him. Out comes the returning Seth Rollins with a WWE Championship belt saying that the last time he checked Roman never beat him and how he may be "The Guy" but he ain't never be "The Man" because to be "The Man" you have to beat "The Man" and right now I am still "The Man" and right now I am still your WWE Champion. Seth then challenges Reigns to a match for the belt at Money In The Bank with the winner becoming the Undisputed WWE Champion. Roman Reigns turns it down for weeks and before Seth does something to get in Roman's head and Roman snaps and accepts the challenge. Roman beats Seth at Money In The Bank by cheating. The next night, Seth challenges Roman to a rematch and Roman accepts. Ambrose (who won a #1 contenders match at MITB) comes down and says he has his #1 Contenders Clause that he is cashing in leading to Seth vs. Roman vs. Dean at Battleground. Triple H screws Seth after Seth tells him earlier in the night that he doesn't need nor want the help of The Authority in a backstage segment. Roman then Spears and pins Dean cleans. The next night, Roman talks about beating 4 of the most talented wrestlers in the world and how he beat all of the "IWC" favorites and that now there is nobody that can stop him. Cue Lesnar setting up Roman vs. Brock for SummerSlam for the title with Reigns actually winning clean.

Aftermath: Roman continue to dominate up until he faces Cena at WrestleMania.

Triple H vs. Seth Rollins- Triple H is pissed that Rollins no longer needs The Authority and screws him out of the WWE Championship to set this up. Rollins wins the match.

Aftermath: Triple H storyline retires after that to focus on his corporate duties until he meets Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 33. Rollins moves on to feud with The #GB4Life .

Baron Corbin vs. John Cena- Baron Corbin attacks Cena on his return as he tries to take out the biggest dog in the yard. Corbin beats Cena at Money In The Back,and Battleground in a match very similar to Cena's match with Lesnar in a one-sided match. Corbin talks about how Cena is getting older and he is a injury prone now. He say's Superman has met his Kryptonite or some cheesy shit like that. At SummerSlam, a confident John Cena puts up a fight this time only to lose to "The Lone Wolf of NXT." Cena challenges Corbin to a third and final match and loses to Corbin again.

Aftermath: Cena is takes a break after the Night Of Champions match to shoot Season 2 of American Grit before returning at the Royal Rumble in the Rumble match. Meanwhile, Corbin would stay dominate and remain undefeated and would win his next feud with Randy Orton as well in another one-sided feud. Eventually Corbin would be challenged to a match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33 and would win in Taker's last match and would dominate and stay undefeated all the way up until a Lesnar match where he would beat Lesnar clean.

(WWE Women's Championship) Charlotte /w/ Paul Heyman vs. Sasha Banks- Charlotte dumps Flair for Heyman. In reality, Flair is likely fired by WWE and erased from history. Banks wins the championship clean here and get's a big celebration. If WWE is bold this goes on last.

Aftermath: Banks goes on to be "THE Girl" of the WWE and Charlotte dumps Heyman and blames him for her loss. At WrestleMania, Banks goes on to face Bayley who debuted at Royal Rumble winning the first ever Women's Royal Rumble Match.

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