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They tried this a bunch of years ago and it failed miserably. WCW tried it in the early 90's and it also didn't work there. Points systems don't work. All they need it what Callis brings to the table, simple logical storylines and a focus on the athletics vs. the soap opera (which is what WWE focuses on). I love the switch back to the four sided ring. It is much simpler for them to shoot. They have a couple camera angles that are distinct from WWEs visual style and are much more consistently able to get the performers to perform for the camera because they know where their positions are.

Originally Posted by sMark View Post
They need 3 things: 1) wrestlers to put on the best matches they can, 2) fans to care and 3) hide their creative weakness.

This is a possible way i see this done:
1) and 2) each month fans vote on the best match they saw on their TV, and the wrestlers involved in it get a real cash. And fans also vote on the worst match. So fans understand their call is important and wrestlers understands their performance need to be on the level. Of course creative need not to destroy wrestler's chances.

3) the points system. From sports.
A win = 2 points. More points - closer to the title shot. Champions get 10 points automatically at the beginning, so other wrestlers need to get some wins under their belts before they able to challenge the champ. A title victory or defence - 6 points.

So when creative "have nothing for you", you can still fight for points and get crowd invested (at least somehow) in your match.
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