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Originally Posted by hatehabsforever View Post
But as a general rule of thumb, RAW is without a doubt the A show. Better talent, better story lines, and far more focus from the WWE brass and correspondingly better ratings. .
Besides the last part about the ratings, everything you said was incorrect.

Better Talent There is no more brand split dude. Ever superstar now competes on both shows. The only superstars who are Raw exclusive at the moment Cena & Brad Maddox. Ziggler, Eve, Miz, Kofi, Vicki they all compete on SmackDown on a regular basis. Orton, Berrate, PTP, Mysterio, Sheamus all compete on Raw. I dont understand how you see Raws roster as better when the two are one in the same.

Better Storylines 90% of ALL the storylines on Raw are SmackDown storylines. The only 2 stories that Raw has are Punk vs Ryback and the Cena/AJ scandal. Again, your point is incorrect.

More Focus From WWE Brass This ones just stupid. How in the world can you or any of us know the amount of focus WWE puts into their shows. This argument has 0 proof to it.

SmackDown has been the better show for years now, and the only people don't think so are the Raw Fanboys.