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Cool Smackdown, the B-Show or the Better Show?


Y'know, I've been watching Raw and Smackdown and in recent memory I'd say Smackdown is a whole lot better. Let's take this weeks Raw and Smackdown for example:

Raw's highlights:

- Cena and Vickie fued
- Heyman's fake heart attack
- Ends with Punk looking like Cena and Ryback's bitch

Smackdown highlights:

- Survivor Series participators in matches
- Legitimate wrestler vs. wrestler fueds
- Ends with Sheamus making a statement to Show, but even though Show was hurt, he didn't look like a bitch

Now, I don't know about you, but Smackdown's formula hasn't been bad for a while and that most complaints to the WWE is mostly directed to stuff Raw orientated. Smackdown has been consistent and I mostly can't think of anything wrong with it, it actually has wrestling in it for crying out loud. I've always wanted Raw and Smackdown to be the same in levels of equality, but the WWE has always favoured Raw over it.

What do you guys think? Is Smackdown the B-show or the better show?