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Default Second Debate, Final Question - With your host, Slyfox696

As the name of this thread implies, this debate is a lot more about me than the three of you. Why? Because I'm going to have to work with one of you, and I'm pretty picky about who we let on Staff. While you are most certainly trying to score points with voters, this debate is about me.

What does this mean for you? Well, it's fairly straightforward. I'll ask each of you the final question I have prepared for you. You will answer. You will not, however, call out the other candidates. Why? Because you've done that already, and quite frankly, all three of you were boring. So instead of letting the three of you debate each other, if I see bullshit in your post, I'm calling you on it. You then get to reply to me. Any candidate addressing any other receives an Infraction. Maybe two of them, depends what mood I'm in. Oh, and I suppose it goes without saying (though I will anyways), anyone who is not a candidate which posts in this thread will be subject to Discipline as well.

Everyone understand? If not, PM me, and I'll copy and paste this section back to you. Let's begin.

Question for Dagger

3. If anything has been made abundantly clear throughout this election, it's been that you will say anything you think people want to hear. You will say whatever you think will get you votes. In my opinion, that makes you a "Yes Man", someone who will go along with whatever those with power say, in order to move up and gain more power of your own.

I don't want a "Yes Man". I want an independent thinker, who has the gonads to stand up for something, even if they are the only person who feels that way. I want someone with a backbone, and I don't think that's you.

Explain to the voters why they should elect a "Yes Man".

Question for Coco

3. I think anyone who has taken even a moment to consider believes you won't stay on Staff long. Maybe you'll get bored with it in a week's time. Maybe a couple of months. Hell, perhaps you just piss too many people off, I don't know. You and I have already had issues, and we haven't even gotten to the voting portion of the election yet. I think 6 months on Staff would be considered a massive achievement for you.

Both Crock and Dagger are people I truly believe want to be a mod, and are not just doing it for the giggles. Explain why you should take a moderator spot away from people who actually want to be there, and are not just doing it for the "lulz".

Question for Crock

3. You've already admitted to being a try-hard. Everyone knows it, and you agree with it. In my experiences, try-hards are more likely to screw things up than they are to make them better. For example, I could easily see you going around giving out Warnings/Infractions to people who really don't deserve it. Then it's more work and more time for me to have to clean up your mess. Moderators' jobs are to make the life of the Administration easier, yet I could easily see you fucking it up and making mine more of a hassle. Why should the forums vote for someone who will screw things up worse than they help them?