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Originally Posted by FromGlasgow View Post
Batista and Cena? Seriously?
I do think Goldberg and Brock had the potential for a huge feud and series of matches,
I would have personally loved to see it but WWE seemed to be going a different direction around this time though so who knows for sure.
Batista and John Cena were the two biggest stars in their era, aside from the legends who were not in the World Title picture as frequently as Batista or John Cena.

I agree a series of matches between Brock Lesnar and Goldberg in 2003 would have been great.

Originally Posted by EastCoastFan View Post
Goldberg never stood a chance. Putting him against the Rock and Chris Jericho (two of the best mouths in wrestling history) and having them destroy him on the mic derailed him before he even got going and marked him as "uncool". Even though he won against both of them, it wasn't enough to wipe all the egg off his face after they got done with him.

As for Brock, I fully believe Vince planned for him to be the guy they would build the post-Attitude Era WWE around (Brock would lead SD, with HHH leading Raw). He had it all: he was a big powerhouse of a guy and he could go in the ring, plus he had heat magnet Paul Heyman as his mouthpiece the first year. The only problem was he hated the constant travel and notoriety that comes with being a WWE star, so he walked in 2004. When he walked, he was only in the second year of a 10-year deal. Who knows how much he could have done if he had stayed.
Eh kind of disagree, in the long run Goldberg's matches with The Rock and Chris Jericho were more memorable than the actual promo segments. Goldberg looked strong in both those matches and his run in 2003 with the WWE was pretty good, he beat the majority of the top wrestlers on RAW during that year and ended his run by beating Brock Lesnar. Some things from his time in 2003 I would have like to be seen booked differently but overall I think his initial run with WWE was still good.

I to believe Brock Lesnar was intended to be the long term face of the WWE, he was the face of the company during 2002-2004 though.
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