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akrassikauda is looking to come up from OCW...akrassikauda is looking to come up from OCW...

Before you guys continue to spam this thread to closure you should read the main page OP maybe on to something. If you don't want to go to the main page here it is.

According to, while reports of FCW ending its broadcast relationship with Brighthouse Network are true, meaning that the current television show will have to find a new home, there appears to be no truth to the rumor that WWE intends to shut down the FCW facility altogether.

As of now, all current FCW talents are still working at the facility, and all events scheduled for this week are expected to go on as planned. Additionally, as we reported earlier, FCW President Steve Keirn remains adamant that the company is not shutting down despite the TV show ending its run on Brighthouse.

Although there have been talks within WWE of moving the FCW TV show to another market, with Orlando having been discussed, sources within the company maintain at this point the facility will not be shutting down.

This story comes off the heels of reports that Vince McMahon has been upset recently over the lack of depth on the WWE roster and the inability of certain superstars to get over with fans. WZ was the first to report last year that WWE, specifically Triple H, had been pushing for a major overhaul of the developmental system