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Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for our main event of the evening!

The crowd pops in anticipation.

Cohen: Oh, boy! I can’t wait, Seabass! This is my Christmas!

Copeland: I cannot either. We already had a spectacular card for the night so far. I don’t think anything can make it better than what it has already been.

Harrys: Please look to the titantron as we see the randomizer do its work one last time for the night.

The crowd grows into a giddy silence as the arena lights darken with only the titantron shining bright.

Harrys: First, the number of participants.

The screen shuffles through several match types until slowly stopping on 2v2, however it ticks over to 1v1 at the last second!

Harrys: The following match is a singles match!

The crowd slowly begins chanting “title match!”

Harrys: Now, the stipulation.

The screen scuffles through several stipulations until stopping hard on an Over-the-top-rope match! The crowd cheers in approval.

Over-the-top-rope Match
Harrys: The following singles match will be contested in an over-the-top-rope match. You can only win by throwing your opponent over the top rope and having both of their feet hit the outside floor mat.

Again, the chant ramps up.


Copeland: We already had a EurAsian Title match. Was that not enough?

Cohen: No!

Harrys: Now, the first participant in tonight’s main event is…

The screen shuffles through several pictures of superstars. We see Theron Daggershield, Matt Tastic, Mikey Stormrage, Noah Ryder, and Jack O' Lantern, but it slowly stops on none other than-

Cohen: James Howard! We have an Elite X Title Match on our hands here for our main event!

James Howard

Howard walks out with his hoodie on and the hood over his head. The brand new champion boasts the Elite X Title around his waist. Howard starts shaking his arms to loosen up before unstrapping the belt and holding it high in the air. The crowd boos.

Harrys: Making his way to the ring, from Leeds, England, weighing 223 pounds, the Elite X Champion, James Howard!

Copeland: We have an Elite X Title bout on our hands for the main event, folks. We already saw the EurAsian successfully defended by Chris K.O. earlier in the night, and now we will get to see if the newly crown Elite X Champion will be able to retain aswell.

Cohen: After seeing what I saw at Unscripted, I would be hard-pressed to put any money behind whoever comes out as his opponent tonight. Howard proved at Unscripted that he is champion material.

Howard is now in the ring as he glares up at the entrance stage. He patiently waits to see who he will be defending against tonight.

Harrys: And the challenger for this Elite X Championship Match!

The crowd roars in anticipation.

The screen begins shuffling through various superstars again. The crowd goes silent as they sit on the edge of their seats. Slowly, it begins to stop until it reaches fellow former Strikeforce member-

Click for Spoiler:
Mikey Stormrage, but it changes last second to DORIAN SLAUGHTER!

The crowd goes nuts! Not in approval of Dorian, but for the sheer chaos that is about to ensue.

Dorian Slaughter

The arena stays dark.

Dorian Slaughter walks out of the gorilla position with the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship draped over his shoulder. Slaughter looks to the sky as he holds his championship high.

Harrys: Making his way to the ring from Hell, MI, weighing 295 pounds, the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Dorian "The Angel of Death" Slaughter!

Copeland: He started the show, and it looks like he is going to end the show! Dorian Slaughter vs. James Howard in our main event. It’ll be an over-the-top-rope match. Champion vs. Champion!

Cohen: What’s on the line?! Both titles?! Are we going to get a dual champion!?!? A unification match?!?!

Slaughter climbs into the ring and stands opposed to Howard.

Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, per the official rules of the roulette round, if two champions meet, the randomizer will decide which title is on the line!

The crowd roars in approval.

Harrys: Let’s find out what is at stake.

Harrys gestures to the titantron as images of the Elite X Title and the World Heavyweight Title swap places back and forth. It slowly stops and lands on the……………….

WZCW World Heavyweight Championship

The crowd loves it!

Cohen: It’s not an Elite X Title Match! It’s a WZCW World Heavywight Title Match! I love the roulette rounds!

Copeland: What a main event!

Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is an over-the-top-rope match for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship!

A referee now has the big belt as he raises it near Harrys. The crowd pops.

Harrys: The challenger, James Howard!

The crowd boos. Howard’s hoodie and championship are now gone as he is ready for battle. He smirks at the opportunity.

Harrys: And the champion, Dorian Slaughter!

The crowd boos again. Slaughter just stares coldly at his opponent across the ring.

Harrys exits the ring as the referee hands off the belt. He signals for the bell and the match is underway!


Copeland: These people don’t like either competitor, but they love the stakes. How can you not be excited to see a world title match on live television?

Cohen: It’s like the superbowl, Seabass. You may not root for either team, but you watch it because it’s the superbowl!

Slaughter and Howard both step out of their respective corners and begin circling the center. They each go for an upper-grapple and start with a lockup. Dorian quickly turns it into a side headlock on Howard. However, Howard will have none of it as he forces Dorian to shuffle backwards and up against some ropes while still in the headlock. After hitting his back against the ropes, Dorian responds by taking Howard in the headlock and executing a headlock driver! Howard’s goes face-first into the ring mat. Dorian immediately climbs to his feet after hitting the move and begins stomping at the downed Elite X Champion.

Dorian does this for a few seconds before picking Howard up by his hair. Slaughter grabs the arm of Howard and uses it to push his opponent back-first into a turnbuckle. Slaughter steps towards the ropes and raises a foot to choke Howard with his boot, but Howard pushes it out. The reversal causes Slaughter to pivot to where his back is against the ropes. Howard uses the opportunity and goes for the feet of the defending champion. He lifts Slaughter up and OVER THE ROPES! However, Slaughter recovers and lands on his feet on the outside apron. Howard takes a swing at Slaughter, but the demented superstar ducks. He sends a shoulder thrust into the gut of Howard. Howard backs away as he grabs at his gut. This allows Dorian to re-enter the ring through the ropes.

Slaughter charges and grabs for his arm. Slaughter puts Howard in armbar, but Howard reverses it! Slaughter groans in pain as Howard wrenches the arm. After a few seconds, Howard releases the hold and pulls Slaughter in and pushes his head down as he begins delivering a series of muay-thai knee strikes into the gut and upper-torso of Dorian. One, two, three, four, five! The fifth one actually makes Slaughter elevate slightly before he crashes down on his stomach. Howard instantly picks him up and grapples his head while holding his tights. The Elite X Champion pulls back and hits a snap suplex!

Copeland: Howard starting to slightly get the upper-hand. Remember folks, no pinfalls and no submissions. You have to win by throwing your opponent over the top rope. Also, both of their feet must hit the ground.

Cohen: It’s a little bit of a teaser for the upcoming pay-per-view, Lethal Lottery, where 30 men will compete for a chance to fight the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion in the main event at Kingdom Come! One of these men could very well be defending at that event, Seabass.

Copeland: That’s exactly right, Jack.

Howard returns to his feet after hitting the suplex. He grabs Slaughter’ beard and pulls him up to a slightly-dazed standing position. Howard grabs his arm and throws him to a set of nearby ropes. Slaughter runs into them and hooks an arm over the top rope to halt his movement. Howard licks his chops at the sight of Slaughter hanging on the ropes. He runs at Slaughter and leaps for a dropkick….THAT CONNECTS! Slaughter eats it with his shoulder, but the blow only causes him to slightly slump against the ropes.

Howard returns to his feet and steps back just a bit to gain some momentum. He charges Slaughter for an upper-strike, but the defending champion is ready this time. Slaughter drops down and forces Howard to flip over the ropes. Howard catches his footing on the outside apron, but Slaughter stands up from the inside. Howard goes for a punch, but Slaughter grabs his arm. He catches Howard in an armbar. Howard is focused on the pain in his arm, but Slaughter his focused on his opponent's feet. In a swiping motion, Slaughter catches the former tag champion’s feet and sweeps them out from underneath him. Slaughter lets go of the armbar in the process in hope that Howard will fall to the outside floor. One foot hits, but Howard grabs onto the bottom rope to keep his other foot from touching. The crowd is buzzing at the intensity of the moment.

Cohen: Slaughter almost had him!

Howard quickly pulls his other foot off the ground and grabs the bottom rope tightly with both arms. Slaughter holds onto the top rope as he begins trying to push Howard off the outside apron with his foot. Howard won’t budge as he clings onto the bottom rope. Slowly, Howard inches his way back into the ring underneath the bottom rope. Slaughter stomps at him a few times before pulling him up and lifting him up on his shoulders. Dorian roars in the spirit of domination and hits a death valley driver on the Elite X Champion!

After the move, both men are sprawled out on the ring. Slaughter breathes through the strands of hair that stick to his face via the sweat adhesive. Howard groans in pain as he grabs at his shoulders, which took the most damage from the move.

Slaughter claws at the ring mat as he gingerly returns to his feet. He stumbles over to the downed Howard and grabs him by his head. He pulls him up into a dazed standing position. Slaughter pushes Howard back into a turnbuckle. He then begins deliver a series of stiff kesagiri chops to the neck of Howard! Each one causes the audience to cringe at the sound of impact. After half-a-dozen, Slaughter steps towards the rope and lifts up his leg to shove his boot into the face and throat of Howard. Howard gasps for air as Slaughter applies the pressure.

Copeland: There are no DQs! The referee’s job is to only check and see if both feet hit the ground. Slaughter can choke Howard as much as he wants.

Cohen: I’m sure he will take advantage of every second.

Finally, after what seems like an eternity (for Howard), Slaughter releases the boot and lets Howard grasp for air. Howard drops to his knees as he grabs at his throat. However, Slaughter lets him have no time for relief. He pulls his opponent back up and shoves him right back in to the turnbuckle. A punch is thrown, but it is by Howard! The blow causes Slaughter to stagger back two steps. Slaughter grabs his chin and rubs out the pain before returning with his own punch to Howard. Howard eats it and mimics Slaughters’ reaction, but responds with another blow. A back and forth ensues and each blow has the crowd reacting. Dorian finally gets the upper-hand and shoves Howard back into the turnbuckle. Howard falls back-first into it roughly. Slaughter walks up to him, but Howard isn’t done yet! A right hook hits Slaughter in the jaw!

The blow causes Slaughter to stumble backwards several steps and down onto one knee.

Copeland: Slaughter is in la-la land!

And Howard knows it. Howard positions himself up the turnbuckle until he his perched on top. He watches his opponent like a hawk as Slaughter returns to his feet in a daze. Howard leaps and flips over Slaugher’s head to hit a CHAOS THEORY! The crowd pops at the intensity!


Both men are completely winded as they seem lifeless on the ringmat. The crowd is buzzing in excitement as they can sense the end is near. Howard is the first to budge as he slowly begins making his way to his feet. Finally, he stands. He stumbles over to Slaughter, who is still out cold. He lifts the lifeless body of the champion and drags him over to the ropes. Howard pushes him up against the ropes so that Slaughter is slightly draped over the top. Howard clasps his two hands to form a club that he sends to the upper-torso of his opponent. The first one isn’t enough. Howard steps back to catch his breath and muster up more strength for the second attempt. Howard runs at Slaughter for a second time, and it works!

Slaughter flips over the ropes and drops off the apron! Everyone is going wild about the apparent end, but the camera shot changes reveals that Slaughter is clinching onto the side of the apron for dear life. Howard has already turned and dropped to his knees in jubilation. The crowd’s reaction has fooled him into thinking that he has already won. Slaughter grabs the bottom rope and pulls himself to safety. Howard looks behind his shoulder and realizes that the champ back. Howard returns to his feet and runs at Slaughter (who is standing on the outside apron). Howard goes for a club, but Slaughter slightly dips the top rope. The move causes Howard to flip over the ropes and land on the outside apron himself. Howard quickly recovers to his feet. Now, both champions stand next to each other on the outside. They begin delivering blows that go back and forth. Each one heightens the intensity of the situation.


Slaughter finally hits a blow that causes Howard to nearly fall off, but the Elite X Champoin keeps one hand on the top rope as he flails his other arm and tries to keep his balance. Howard recovers and hits Slaughter with a shot that makes him do the same. Slaughter also recovers, but Howard won’t let this opportunity be wasted. He charges Slaughter with a makeshift spear attempt that sees Dorian shuffling backwards. He can barely keep his footing as one foot slips off the apron, BUT NO! The ring post shows up just in time as Dorian slightly turns his body to have his back press against the post. Slaughter uses this new-found support to regain his footing and lock on a deadly hold on the head and neck of Howard. Howard realizes he is trouble as he begins to flail and take shots at the sides of Slaughter Slaughter eats each one as winces at each blow. Yet, he won’t budge. He has Howard in a standing-variation of his finisher submission, TOMB OF THE MUTILATED!

Cohen: Howard is in trouble!

Copeland: Slaughter innovated his finisher into a standing maneuver. Howard has immense pressure on his head and neck! I don't even know if he can breathe!

Howard continues sending everything he has into the sides of Slaughter, but the champion endures the pain as he grits his teeth and wrings the neck of his adversary. The punches from Howard begin to slow down to a point where they stop altogether. The camera shows Slaughter’s sides bruised with wicked shade of purple from the blows he had to endure. Howard is completely limp as Slaughter finally releases the hold. Both men still remain on the apron. Slaughter shoves the unconscious body of Howard, that is leaning against him, off of him and off the apron. The challenger hits the floor mat with a thud.

The bell rings to signal the end of the match.

Click for Spoiler:
Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner and still WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Dorian Slaughter!

The is a mixture of boos for Dorian and cheers at the slug fest they just witnessed.

Cohen: That was my type of main event! Two deserving champions duking it out. Howard almost had Slaughter, but Slaughter endured those stinging punches from the Elite X Champion to retain in a physical match.

Copeland: It’s not very often that we get to see champion vs. champion in WZCW, but that match was nothing short of a brawl. Just look at the bruised sides of Slaughter.

Slaugther is handed his belt as he slumps down into a sitting position on the outside apron with his back against the ring post. Slaughter’s music begins to play, but it cuts out, and the lights begin to flicker. They go out fully.

Copeland: What in the world?

The lights turn back on and the crowd pops. On the opposite side of the apron, sitting against the other ring post, is Constantine in the burlap sack mask!

The unexpected sight catches Dorian off-guard as he scrambles off the apron. Slaughter runs over to the entrance ramp and makes his way up it. Constantine takes his time as he stands up on the apron and enters the ring. He stands in the middle of it as Slaughter makes it to the entrance stage. Slaughter breathes heavily as faces the direction towards the ring. He sneers at his former stablemate. Constantine slowly raises his hand and points a finger at Slaughter. The lights flicker before going completely out. They come back on and Constantine is gone. Slaughter looks around the entrance stage. He starts yelling out that Constantine doesn’t scare him. Slaugther says he knows no fear. The copyright info shows up on the screen and the show ends coldly.

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