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Harrys: The following match is scheduled for one fall, and per the Roulette rolled stipulation, the loser will enter the Lethal Lottery match first overall!

Copeland: This match could effectively eliminate someone from winning the Lethal Lottery!

Constantine enters the arena, the burlap sack over his head. He slowly walks from side to side of the stage; every now and then putting his hands to his head.

Harrys: Introducing first. from The Depths of Despair, weighing 265 pounds, Constantine!

Constantine slinks under the bottom rope and removes the mask; revealing his tired features. He goes and sits in the far corner of the ring, waiting for his opponent.

Harrys: And his opponent...

Max Steele charges down the ramp, American flag in hand.

Harrys: Making his WZCW debut, from *CENSORED* America, weighing 280 pounds, Max Steele!

Steele waves the flag in the ring for a few moments, before handing it carefully to a ringside attendant.

The bell rings with Constantine slumped in the corner. Steele gestures at him to come lock up, but Constantine shows no interest in getting out of the corner. Max yells at his opponent, but still no reaction. Steele decides that he’s tired of waiting, balls up his fist, and charges at Constantine. As he charges, the former politician rolls out of the corner and kicks Steele’s leg out, sending the patriot face-first into the middle turnbuckle. Constantine gets to his feet and stomps away at the back and the back of the head of Max. He refuses to stop until referee Elizabeth Prince threatens a disqualification. Constantine backs away, arms in the air, while Steele tries to regain his bearings. He does manage to get back to his feet, and the two men lock up. Max manages to get the advantage, putting Constantine in a side headlock. The former World Champion backs Steele into the ropes. Constantine shoots the patriot off, but before he gets too far away, Constantine grabs his opponent’s thinning hair and pulls him to the mat. Constantine stomps away before dropping a knee and going for a pin, 1…2., Steele kicks out.

Copeland: This is akin to two new debuts here, as this seems to be a brand new Constantine, and he is taking it to the newcomer Max Steele.
Cohen: Steele seems to be brawn over brains, and Constantine is more than able to use that to his advantage.

Constantine quickly grabs a rear chinlock. Max begins fighting back to his feet, but Constantine rakes the exposed eyes to keep control. Steele, rather than trying to get up again, decides to scoot a bit and make contact with the bottom rope with his foot, forcing a break. Max starts climbing back to his feet. Constantine charges it, but is hit by a wild overhand right. Constantine stumbles back a bit, which allows Steele to get back to his feet without rope support. He swings away with a second and then a third overhand right before lifting Constantine for a powerslam. He slips out the back and shoves Steele off the ropes. Max rebounds and drops Constantine with a clothesline. After a quick elbow drop, Steele hooks a leg, 1…2, Constantine kicks out. Both men get back to their feet with Constantine trying a quick right hand. Steele manages to duck it and score with a reverse STO. Rather than trying another pin, he signals for Constantine to get up, while trying to start a USA chant, which doesn’t really work in Scotland. Constantine gets up and is lifted into a vertical suplex. Steele holds his opponent up for thirty seconds before driving him to the mat. Max picks Constantine up once more, this time lifting him for the Little Boy! Steele screams “This is for America!” but Constantine bites down on the hand of Max. Constantine escapes, hand still in his teeth, while Steele cries out in pain.

Copeland: Steele was a bit cocky, but what a dirty move by Constantine. This is not something we would’ve seen the Constantine of old do.
Cohen: Constantine wants a chance to regain the WZCW World Championship and the Lottery could give him that and it’s not going to happen if he enters first.
Copeland: If he is willing to resort to biting, who knows what else he’ll do.

Constantine lifts Steele and hits him with a backbreaker, but doesn’t drop the former operative to the mat. Instead, Constantine hits another backbreaker, followed by another, and continues until he hits a total of seven backbreakers. After the seventh, he tosses Steele overhead, the Isolation. Constantine wipes his face and then points at Steele with an intense look on his face. He lifts Max, tosses him into the ropes, and hits the Cabin in the Woods! Constantine makes the cover, 1…2…3!

Harrys: The winner of the match, Constantine! By the stipulation of this match, Max Steele will enter the Lethal Lottery at number one!

Referee Prince goes to raise Constantine’s arm, but he pulls away. He rolls to the floor and makes a beeline for the timekeeper’s area to get his burlap sack. Constantine places it back onto his head and slowly walks to the back.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

General Manager of Meltdown Vance Bateman is in his office doing paperwork as per usual when gets a knock at the door. He calls the person in as he continues his work. This person is none other than the new WZCW Eurasian champion Chris K.O. who walks in with a smile on his face and a beard still scruffy.

KO: You wanted to see me, sir?

Bateman puts down the paperwork and looks directly at Chris.

Bateman: Yes I did, Chris. Now, you know this round is completely decided by the official WZCW Roulette, right? Well, I happen to know exactly what is happening which is why everything tonight has flown as smoothly as any WZCW show can... but I'm not here to explain how it works, Chris. You should know how it works. However, I'm here to give you something special... a clue! Or should I say, early warning!

Chris looks confused as Bateman smiles.

Bateman: Tonight Chris, the Roulette has decided you'll be competing in a match against more than one competitor and it will be for the WZCW Eurasian championship. Who these competitors are: I cannot say. I've already spoken too much. I suggest you get ready Chris. Your match is the one following the next match.

Chris holds onto his title a little bit more tightly and looks down at it. He nods his head as Bateman waves.

Bateman: Good luck, champ!

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