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Backstage we see Ramparte getting ready for a match. His tag team title by him on a bench. As he gets ready though, he senses he's being watched. He turns to spot none other than Steven Holmes. Carefully looking at him.

Ramparte: I see a gleam in your eye. Is there something intriguing you here?

Steven looks on some more before responding.

Steven: Where are your partners?

Ramparte: Not important. Is there something you want with Cerberus?

Ramparte grabs his Tag Team title belt and puts it on his waist as Steven looks on thoughtfully.

Steven: No reason, really.I've heard so much about the great three-headed beast, I wanted to see it for myself. But I'll move on. There's more to see in this company as far as talent goes.

Steven marches on as Ramparte looks on callously. He pats his World Tag Team title belt as the scene fades.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Ramparte walks out with the championship on his shoulder, looking out to the crowd who gives him a mixed reaction. He gives a smirk before continuing down the ramp.

Harrys: Introducing first, from No Page Left Unturned, weighing 190 pounds... "The Catalyst of WZCW" Ramparte!

Copeland: We will have to see how one half of the tag champs performs in singles action tonight, especially after Steven Holmes may have gotten in his head.

Cohen: I think he will be just fine, no matter who his opponent turns out to be tonight. He is the brains to Flex's brawn, and he can outsmart almost anyone.

Harrys: And his opponent...

Click for Spoiler:

...From the Last Chance Saloon, weighing in at 15 stone, Garth Black!

The crowd cheers as Black makes his way onto the stage. He takes a drink of water before tossing the bottle into the crowd. He stops and looks into the camera "Anything can happen tonight." He take off his Celtic Football Jersey and gives it to a young fan in the front row before he rolls into the ring and throws his hands high in the air.

Copeland: So the randomizer has drawn Garth Black as Ramparte's opponent tonight. So he is in there with the one man who may have the intelligence advantage over Ramparte.

Cohen: At least he is smart enough not to wear a Patrick Thistle kit and show off that terrifying mascot.

The two men stare each other down as the randomizer shows up on the screen and begins to tick through a series of matches. It begins to slow...

Click for Spoiler:
Bra and Panties match is shown. The crowd groans, but the randomizer makes one more tick and stops and begins to flash


The crowd cheers this time and both men nod their heads in agreement. Referee Keith Morse calls for the bell and both men immediately slide out of the ring and rummage under the ring for a table. Each man pulls out a table and slide it into the ring. Black is quicker, and is able to get into the ring before Ramparte, and connects with a couple of punches to the back while Ramparte stands. The two then lock horns and jockey for position with neither man able to gain an advantage. They break and Ramparte swings with a wild punch, which Black ducks. He uses it to get behind his opponent, and secure a waist lock. He lifts him in the air, and plants him with a quick belly to back takedown. They scramble for position on the ground and Black ends up keeping the waist lock on a seated Ramparte. He decides to throw a couple of elbows to the shoulder area, before he rolls away and connects with a dropkick to the back of the head. He looks like he is going for a quick cover, but remembering the rules, grabs one of the tables and props it up in the corner. By this time, Ramparte is back on his feet and connects with a quick right hand to Black, catching him off guard. A swift kick to the midsection by the champ doubles over Black, and the champ tries to end it early by throwing Black into the table. Black fights it though, and Ramparte has to settle for throwing him into the ropes instead. Off the rebound, the tag champ connects with a flapjack, Black hitting the mat hard. Ramparte scrambles to his feet and kicks the spare table out of the ring, and lines up Black for an Irish whip into the table. Black reverses the whip, but Ramparte manages to slide before hitting the table. He quickly bails out of the ring to catch his breath, while Garth watches from inside.

Copeland: So a little back and forth thus far, but neither man has been able to gain the upper hand for long.

Cohen: That will all change soon Seabass. Watch my man Ramparte take over.

Garth decides he isn't waiting on his foe, and climbs to the top rope, shades of his former self. He leaps and connects with a flying splash to Ramparte, causing both men to tumble into the barricade. Black is back on his feet first, much to the approval of the crowd as he throws his arms high in the air. He hammers a couple of punches to the downed champion, before he drags him to his feet. He drags him closer to the entrance ramp, away from the barricade, giving him enough room to set up for a Russian leg sweep on the steel ramp. Both men grab their back in some pain, but the brunt of the impact was taken by the tag champ, so again Black is first on his feet. He goes to grab the table that was kicked out of the ring earlier, and with some trouble, sets it up next to the ring. He prepares for a belly to belly to put his foe through the table, but Ramparte blocks and starts to throw headbutts to break the hold. Eventually, after a series of headbutts, Black has to withdraw. Ramparte sets up for a Book End to end the match, but Black throws elbows to the head and breaks it up. The two men tie up and Black, being the slightly larger man, is able to power Ramparte into the ring apron, again targeting his lower back. He connects with a belly to belly, but Ramparte only connects with the edge of the table, and it doesn't break. It does however open a nasty gash on the back of Ramparte.

Cohen: Looks like that table is going to get some shots in of its own before it breaks.

Copeland: And it has gotten a good shot in indeed, as Ramparte is cut wide open.

The ref rushes over to check on Ramparte, but he shoves him away and rolls from the table and Black. Black advances on him, but Ramparte kicks him away long enough to get to his feet. Black grabs Ramparte, but some slick jockeying allows the champ to secure a headlock. He uses the hold to drag Black to the table and after a big elbow to the head, rolls him onto the table. He then climbs onto the ring apron, and readies himself to jump and splash himself onto his opponent. The table however, gives under the weight of Black. The buckling legs cause the table to fall and while the splash connects, the table doesn't break.

Copeland: This table is causing all sorts of trouble for these two men.

Cohen: Must be a Japanese table.

Ramparte smacks the mat on the floor in frustration. He then hammers a couple of punches onto Black before he drags him to his feet. He rolls him back into the ring and then climbs onto the apron. He awaits Black to stand, and then he launches into the ring with a springboard leg lariat. It connects and puts Black on the canvas. He then uses his foot to choke the life out of Garth, much to the chagrin of the crowd. Black reaches up and grabs the leg. He manages to remove the foot from his neck, but Ramparte simply stomps down on the chest area. He continues to stomp away until Black is forced to cover up and retreat. He gets to the ropes and uses them to pull himself up while Ramparte adjusts the table in the corner. He then grapples and Irish whips Black toward the corner. In an impressive display of athleticism, Black runs up the table and back flips off. He is unsteady on his feet as he lands, so Ramparte takes advantage and throws him into the table face first. With Black leaned against the table, Ramparte takes a run and tries to spear Black through the table. Black moves at the last second and Ramparte crashes into the table, breaking it. Black stares at the ref, checking to see if he has won, but the ref waves it off. You can hear the ref speak to Black.

"You didn't force him through the table."

Black looks around and sees no table, so he rolls out of the ring. He looks at the blood covered table from earlier and ignores it, opting for a new table from under the ring. He slides it into the ring and climbs onto the apron. Ramparte is on his feet, but is using the turnbuckle to hold himself up. Black climbs in and sets the table up, near the ropes. He then looks at Ramparte, who is leaning against the turnbuckle. Black begins to clap his hands, getting the crowd behind him and runs toward the cornered champ.

Copeland: Looks like Garth is getting back on the wagon.

Just as he leaps, Ramparte sprays a black mist into the face of Black. This causes Black to miss his target. As he wonders around blinded, Ramparte connects with a European Uppercut that sends Garth stumbling toward the table. This allows him to get control of Black, who he lifts onto the table and sets up for The Denouement. It connects and the table breaks. Ramparte rolls away, still bleeding from his lower back as the ref calls for the bell.

Harrys: Here is your winner, Ramparte!

The crowd boos as Ramaprte raises his arm with the referee. He rolls out of the ring and collects his tag title belt and holds it high as he walks back up the ramp and the referee checks on Black.

Copeland: So a solid match goes the way of Ramparte thanks to some Asian mist. It could have gone either way, but Ramparte used some deceitful tactics to pick up the W.

Cohen: Black had his moments, but in the end Ramparte outsmarted his foe and showed why he is one half of the tag team champs.

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