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Default WWE wasn’t the only one

I was watching a classic match between Macho man and Ted Dibiasi earlier when Macho man won the title and it got me thinking. We always discuss and complain about how a wrestler from Wcw, tna or any other promotion comes to wwe and just aren’t used right. Names from wcw like Diamond Dallas Page, Sting, Luger to name a few could have been used so much better. It what is rarely spoken of is how bad wcw took some of the greatest wwf/wwe, and ECW wrestlers and did absolutely nothing with them. Here are some that come to my mind;

Macho man. He was an absolute legend, and household name in wwf. He went to wcw and had a decent run as champ but spent most of his time as a punching bag for the NWO before he later joined them and basically stood in the shadows.

Ulitimate Warrior. It was Insane how bad he was booked.

Mr perfect Curt Hennig. Same as warrior. Absolutely one of my all time favorites who was absolutely ruined in wcw.

Bret Hart. I loved his feud with Sting but other then that all they did with him was beat the Montreal dead horse angle to death.

Big Bossman. Nothing at all done with him

Raven: had one of the best wrestling minds and one of the best talkers maybe ever. Should’ve never left ecw because they had no idea how to use him.

Scott Hall. I know many will see this and say what, but he should’ve been so much more and had a great title main event run. Whether his personal problems were the cause of it or it was the result of booking we’ll never know. I believe to this day if he would’ve stayed in wwe he would have been a major major player as Razor.

That’s just a few that come to my mind but there’s many many more.
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