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Cub McCallister is looking to come up from OCW...Cub McCallister is looking to come up from OCW...

Can't disagree with any of these list's, for me number one would have to be Wade Barrett purely because he could have done so much better. He could have had a couple of world title reigns and his BNB gimmick was awesome, he should of done so much in the Wwe but was just jobbed out countless times, but that's the case with a lot of superstars like Drew Mlcyntyre, MVP and Mr Kennedy.

There was one superstar that signed with them in 2003/04 amd did a couple of vignettes against the undertaker in like dark alleyway and they were pretty decent, but I can't remember his name he wore all black, if anyone could remember his name and help me out I would be very grateful to be able to put a name to the face